CNG Prices in Pakistan

Current monthly CNG price in Pakistan for Region-I is Rs. 81.8 and rates for Region-II is Rs. 81.8 as updated on 12 May 2021, The CNG rates & schedule regulates by OGRA. Region-I includes (KPK, Baluchistan, Potohar region; Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Gujar Khan) and Region-II includes (Sindh and Punjab excluding Potohar region).

CNG Products Rates
CNG Region-I (Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, Baluchistan, Potohar region; Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Gujar Khan) Rs. 81.8/Kg
CNG Region-II (Sindh and Punjab excluding Potohar region) Rs. 81.8/Kg

CNG Price in Pakistan - Are you looking for the CNG price in Pakistan? Then don’t go anywhere because you are on the right platform. This page offers the users an accurate and exact CNG Rate in Pakistan. They had regularly updated their web portal whenever the government gives the schedule of CNG Price in Pakistan. However, what is CNG?

CNG Meaning

The word CNG is referred to “Compressed Natural Gas) and also known as Sui Gas. It is a type of fuel that is widely and extensively used in replacement of diesel, petrol or gasoline. CNG is regarded as the best alternative for fuel especially when the prices of petrol and diesel marked up to higher prices. That’s why Compressed Gas is always a favorable option for many people. Apart from that the CNG has numerous advantages which are as follows.

Virtues of CNG

Compressed Natural Gas is viable in many ways here are some vital benefits of CNG.

  • • CNG is cheaper and affordable as compared with petrol or gasoline.
  • • As a Natural Gas it will keep the environment free from pollution, it means that CNG has not emission harmful and heavy amount of gases from their fuel system.
  • • They are less harmful for bursting incidents, as the CNG is tank is smaller in size and equipped with safety instrument in this way the pressure will release accordingly and give ultimate safety to the public.
  • • CNG cylinders are not easy on firing catching because they are instigated with 600 degree Centigrade. Beside that Compress Gas is lighter and easily dissolves in air instead of spread on roads that cause fire to catch.
  • • It will also be efficient for your vehicles engine as CNG is not designed to produce more carbon deposits or other toxics that will harmful your engine and polluted the oil.

Besides the importance of using CNG. It’s time to know about the working manner of Compress Natural Gas.

Working Structure

If we had talked about the working of CNG so the CNG tank filled the engine with Natural Gas in high pressure and when it reaches in the chamber the combustion is mix with air and the engine will intake it. This create spark and allows the fuel that is mixed with the air to be compressed and release the energy from spark that will allow the vehicles to move.

CNG in Pakistan

CNG has widely used in different countries because of its extensive advantages. As a daily user of car it is necessary to fill your car cylinder with gas/liquid. However, it is hard to fill your car with petrol for twice a day and in such cases many countries increasing moving on CNG. Like; South America, Iran, Africa and India etc. Similarly, Pakistan is also increasingly using Compressed Natural Gas for vehicle fueling purposes and even became a leading user of CNG.

In a recent survey it is estimated that Pakistan has 3416 CNG Stations and a large number of people depend upon CNG vehicles for travelling. And as per the federal government Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are the two provinces where the CNG use in sufficient amount.

CNG Price in Pakistan

The CNG Rate in Pakistan is determined by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA). OGRA also manages CNG schedule in Karachi today 2021 & CNG Schedule in Punjab today 2021. This is the only authority that is responsible for setting the price and other operations of gas and oil sector. In Pakistan the price of CNG is 20% less expensive as compared with petrol, anyhow whenever the prices of petrol reaches to high the petrol users will drastically moving towards Compress Natural Gas.

Thereby, the CNG is became a viable options for Pakistanis even the people will placed their cars, buses, rickshaws and motor bikes outside CNG station and waiting for hours and hours in queue just to fill their vehicle cylinders. However, from few years the Price of CNG in Pakistan fluctuating because Pakistan is facing high level of inflation and economic setbacks that will ultimately impact the CNG Rate in Pakistan and resulting higher in price. Besides this, the CNG Rate in Pakistan is accumulated as per area and according to it the Sindh and Punjab has more costly CNG prices comparatively with other regions.

CNG Price Today

The CNG price is always considered as a important topic for Pakistan because they had extensively used CNG and in order to determine the economic condition of the country it is necessary to keep on checking CNG price so, if you want to check out CNG Price Today in Pakistan then browse down this website because they had offered complete along with region wise so that you can easily access CNG Price Today from this web portal.

Reviews & Comments

In peshawar 139.86 per kg
By: Zubair Khan on Tue 05 Jan, 2021
CNG supply is currently not available in different cities. However, this website is just perfect to check the CNG price in Pakistan.
By: Danish on Mon 30 Nov, 2020
In winters, the CNG supply is suspended in different provinces. I often check CNG price from this page.
By: Hashim on Fri 06 Nov, 2020
CNG rates are the most unpredictable thing in Pakistan
By: Khadim on Thu 10 Sep, 2020
these prices stay same in future too after this pandemic as finally there got fluctuation towards lower side
By: Balaj on Wed 19 Aug, 2020
these prices stay same in future too after this pandemic as finally there got fluctuation towards lower side
By: Balaj on Wed 19 Aug, 2020
Hoping CNG prices will remain decrease thank you for letting us know about actual prices
By: khawar on Mon 17 Aug, 2020
Bhai Ab bolne ke liye kuch raha he nai hay.. ghareeb insan kahan jayega
By: Sadia on Wed 22 Jul, 2020
It is so bad that CNG prices in Pakistan are still high than the petroleum prices.
By: Faiz on Thu 16 Jul, 2020
In Sha Allah thoray rate neechay ajayen cng ke tou bht best rahega
By: yasir on Tue 14 Jul, 2020
Presently from this online timetable we have the great direction for looking at the current paces of the CNG that are notice here
By: Tanveer on Wed 08 Jul, 2020
Lahore CNG prices is Rs. 139/Kg.. but mein village mein rehta hn aur lahore parhne aata hn.. hu jese logon ke liye bht high parhti hay
By: Suleman Khan on Fri 19 Jun, 2020
These all are the legitimate CNG rate of the Pakistan that everybody can without much of a stretch become more acquainted with that from here really with the each updated details
By: Subhan on Tue 16 Jun, 2020
As the petrol rate is decreased, government should also decrease CNG prices in Pakistan.
By: Hamid on Tue 09 Jun, 2020
This online schedule has good guidance for checking the current CNG rates mentioned here.
By: bushra on Wed 03 Jun, 2020
After the decline in petroleum prices, the CNG price should be also decreased.
By: hamza on Mon 01 Jun, 2020
CNG rates may be revised due decrease of rates of POl in pakistan
By: Hamid on Fri 27 Mar, 2020
This is the schedule who give us the CNG price of the Pakistan that help us to know the current rates of the CNG in the all type of category
By: shahid on Tue 28 Jan, 2020
As a daily user of car is always want to know the price daily.. there is the current and updated price are mention here . everyone easily checkout there
By: abdullah on Mon 27 Jan, 2020
These are the current rates of CNG that are given bellow here in this whole list who is very helpful thing for everyone because of their uses
By: hassan on Thu 23 Jan, 2020
Now a days CNG is very big problem for all Pakistan . These are the current rates of Cng that are given here in this whole list who is very helpful thing for everyone because of their uses
By: zohaib on Tue 21 Jan, 2020
The information of CNG Prices in Pakistan that has been given by this page is very fruitful and helpful thank you for providing this effective info.
By: Salman on Mon 11 Nov, 2019
Now from this online schedule we have the good guidance for checking out the current rates of the cng that are mention here
By: fayqa on Mon 23 Sep, 2019
These all are the stock exchange information who give us the cng rates in this schedule with their updated and previous rates
By: tooba on Fri 20 Sep, 2019
This is the schedule who give us the cng price of the Pakistan that help us to know the current rates of the cng in the all type of category
By: fakhra on Fri 20 Sep, 2019
CNG station at Saidpur Road, Malog CNG selling CNG 92.95 per litre nobody from CNG authority check that why the station is selling high price. I request the authority to check the CNG stations in Rawalpindi and also clarify the rate is per litre or Kg.
By: Tariq Mehmood on Thu 19 Sep, 2019
These are the current rates of Cng that are given bellow here in this whole list who is very helpful thing for everyone because of their uses
By: anabia on Tue 17 Sep, 2019
cng price in Peshawar on 02-08-2019 is Rs.138.9/kg. Imran khan Peshawar will not forget this vicious act in next general elections.
By: angry supporter of PTI on Sat 10 Aug, 2019
Great work Imran Khan, Awam is happy with you,
By: Kamran on Mon 01 Jul, 2019
Peshawar me to 120 par hai
By: Ghazi khan on Fri 24 May, 2019
in peshawar 120 rate
By: umair on Sun 12 May, 2019
104.89 in karachi
By: Jamil on Fri 03 May, 2019
Lahore me cng kg me nahi milte pond me de rhe hy me 600 me ful karwata tha ab 900 me,
By: ghulam ali on Mon 08 Apr, 2019
Bugti CNg station sui main 108 per kg mil rha h aaj?
By: Abdul shakoor on Sun 20 Jan, 2019
Your site is never updated. It gives old information which is misleading e.g look at CNG prices what are being mentioned at your website.
By: Muhammad Sajid on Fri 18 Jan, 2019
10-01-2019 is CNG open in Islamabad/Rawalpindi ??
By: Zafar on Thu 10 Jan, 2019
Please tell me that why in Balochistan the price of cng is 109.90
By: Mehmood ulhassan on Wed 02 Jan, 2019
I am Sajid resident of Lahore. I commented on CNG price variation that I observed on various CNG Stations last week such as Ali Petrolium near MAO College, Lahore (@ Rs.84.95) , Filling Station opposite Suraya Azeem Hospitan near Chouburgy (@ Rs.83.95) , Filling Station on Ferozpur Road near Ichra (@ Rs. 83.95), Capital CNG opposite Police Station on 6-Shahra e Fatima Jinnah Lahore, etc. You pointed out that comment will be uploaded within 24 - 36 hours after confirmation but you never did it uptil now. Please do not waste precious time of people if you are not serious to display the truth on your web site.
By: Muhammad Sajid on Wed 12 Dec, 2018
Cng today open?
By: M.amil on Fri 30 Nov, 2018
These all are the authentic cng price of the Pakistan that everyone can easily get to know that from here authentically with the every updated details
By: aneela on Fri 26 Oct, 2018
The great way for checking out the every details about the cng price of the Pakistan that mention here with the every updated rates
By: sadaf on Thu 25 Oct, 2018
I was surprised to see such a huge difference in CNG Price in region 1 nd region 2. I visited Lahore and was so astounded
By: Rafay on Tue 23 Oct, 2018
The every details about the cng are mention here with the whole updated information and their whole authentic rates so now we easily get checkout it from here authentically
By: haris on Thu 11 Oct, 2018
Dear Admin kindly update the website. And through true information. Thank you.
By: Naveed on Tue 09 Oct, 2018
Today CNG Rate in Karachi is Rs. 102 per KG
By: Munawar Hasan on Fri 05 Oct, 2018
The actual price in kpk Abbottabad Rs.100 above
By: M Parvez Mughal on Thu 04 Oct, 2018
the actual price in karachi is 81.50 PKR
By: Muhammad on Tue 02 Oct, 2018
These all are the cng price of the Pakistan are authentically giving here that we easily get checkout that for knowing the updated price if Pakistan cng
By: nayla on Thu 13 Sep, 2018
3-4 months ago my car CNG cylinder full up around Rs. 600. But now its full up around Rs. 900. My question is that (is the price raised 33% within 4 months ????
By: HAIDER IMTIAZ on Mon 13 Aug, 2018
CNG Punjab, Liter Not Kg. Confirm
By: Mujtaba Ahmad. on Wed 20 Jun, 2018

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