100 Prize Bond List

The upcoming prize bond Rs. 100 draw number 39 will be announced by the National Savings division on Monday 15 August, 2022 at Muzaffarabad. Look at the latest and all previous draw results 2022 list here. You can search 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winning numbers and with the complete schedule of 100 prize bond 2022.

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Last Update: Draw #38 Announced At Faisalabad.

Upcoming Rs. 100 Prize Bond Draws
Draw #
Prize Bonds Date Day CITY Status
100 15 Nov, 22 Tue Rawalpindi Upcoming
100 15 Aug, 22 Mon Muzaffarabad Upcoming
100 16 May, 22 Mon Faisalabad Draw HeldView Result
100 15 Feb, 22 Tue Hyderabad Draw HeldView Result
100 15 Nov, 21 Mon Peshawar Draw HeldView Result
100 16 Aug, 21 Mon Faisalabad Draw HeldView Result
100 17 May, 21 Mon Multan Draw HeldView Result
100 15 Feb, 21 Mon Karachi Draw HeldView Result
100 16 Nov, 20 Mon Faisalabad Draw HeldView Result
100 17 Aug, 20 Mon Multan Draw HeldView Result
100 15 May, 20 Fri Lahore Draw HeldView Result
100 17 Feb, 20 Mon Peshawar Draw HeldView Result
Note: In case draw fall in public holiday (s) the draw will be held on the following working day (s)
Winning Amount of Rs. 100 Prize Bond
List No of Prizes Winning Amount (Rs) Prizes
Prize Bond RS. 100/- 01 700,000 1st Prize
Prize Bond RS. 100/- 03 200,000 2nd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 100/- 1,199 1,000 3rd Prize
Prize Bond List 100
Prize Bond List 100

Next 100 Prize Bond: Prize Bond Draw # 39 For Rs 100

Prize Bond 100 - A prize bond is a new and easy way of earning profit and become wealthier by giving the chance to your luck. This scheme was introduced in 1960 by State Bank of Pakistan under the name of “National Prize Bonds”. It was set under some rules and regulations and all the operations of Prize Bond are managed by State Banking Service Corporation Bank, (auxiliary of State Bank of Pakistan) which includes authorized Commercials Banks and National Savings Centers.

It means that, the Prize bonds are only sold from them and all prize bonds and money are collected from (CDNS) and no other centers are involved in between them. The aim of introducing this concept from the government is to provide ease and facilitate the general public with secure investment by providing them different cash rewards after purchasing bonds and lotteries from them.

Apart from that, currently in Pakistan the prize bond is held in several denominations which are ranging from low denomination Prize bond 100 to the bigger ones. Here each denomination has different criteria of wining amount and no of prizes. However, only 3 categories winners will be considered that are 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Besides, categorization some terms and conditions will also apply and it includes; that the 100 Prize Bond List 2022 or any other denomination list is always draws on quarterly basis within a year it means that you can purchase 100 Prize Bond or any other bond and try your luck four times in a year.

100 Prize Bond of Winning Amount:

  • The value of 1st prize is Rs. 700,000 to one winner.
  • The value of 2nd prize is Rs. 200,000 to three winner.
  • The value of 3rd prize is Rs. 1,000 to 1,199 winner.

Further, the 100 Prize Bond Draw is conducted by Central Directorate of National Savings/ National Savings Center (CDNS) on every year through a particular drawing system that is Hand Operated Drawing Machines (HODM). Apart from that, the money reward must en-cash before 6 months after qualifying otherwise the person will not be eligible to receive money. And the prize of money will be receiving from any branch of State bank of Pakistan trough the submission of CNIC and claiming form.

As with the popularity gaining by Prize bonds in Pakistan the CNBS initiates Premium Prize Bond Registered. It is a registered bond under the name of the investor and differs from the National Prize Bond and the prize of this bond is not only received 6-month profits but also have chance to win reward till the period requirements. And in this prize bond, category 40,000 denominations will be included. Besides this, the SBP BSC will also facilitate the public by introducing direct credit services through the SMS or public bank accounts.

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The prize bonds with higher denomination provide great amount of money in the form of prize.

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Best of Prize Bond 100. Keep it up, maybe someday it will go away. Even if it doesn't come out will come out sometime

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100 Prize Bond is now officially announced yesterday. Check my bond on this site who updates the results on accurate time.

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