Silver Rate in Pakistan

Today Silver rate in Pakistan stands at Rs. 2807 for 10 grams, as of Monday 27 May, 2024, and the Chandi rate in Pakistan is Rs. 3275 for 1 tola. Stay updated with the latest Silver price in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Quetta, and Faisalabad, with daily Chandi price updates from Saraf Market.

Current Silver Rates
Pakistan Silver Rates
Silver 10 Grams Rs. 2807
Silver 1 Tola Rs. 3275
Silver Prices in Cities of Pakistan
City 10 Grams Per Tola
Karachi Rs. 2807 Rs. 3275
Hyderabad Rs. 2807 Rs. 3275
Lahore Rs. 2807 Rs. 3275
Multan Rs. 2807 Rs. 3275
Islamabad Rs. 2807 Rs. 3275
Faisalabad Rs. 2807 Rs. 3275
Rawalpindi Rs. 2807 Rs. 3275
Quetta Rs. 2807 Rs. 3275

Chandi Rate in Pakistan

Today Monday 27 May, 2024, the Silver rate in Pakistan is recorded at Rs. 2807 for 10 grams, Rs. 3275 for 1 tola Chandi rate in Pakistan, and 52 tola chandi price in pakistan is RS. 170300. Making it crucial for individuals seeking the latest Chandi rate in Pakistan. We are committed to providing our visitors with accurate and real-time data on the silver rate in Pakistan, ensuring that you stay informed about this valuable commodity's market fluctuations.

The Silver is also one of the valuable ornaments that are popular across the world similarly in Pakistan. Hence if you are looking for the Silver Price in Pakistan you can easily and comfortably determine it from this web portal because the page has the accessibility to give its visitors accurate and perfect Chandi Rate in Pakistan. The page had daily updates its content regarding Silver Rate in Pakistan.

About Silver

Silver is a precious metal that comes after Gold; it has been widely used by people for various purposes like commonly used as jewelry and investing purposes. The rate of Silver is less as compared with the gold rate that’s why people preferred Silver instead of gold. It is soft and easy to break into thin sheets and easily bended so that it can be easily used for different purposes.

How it is Come from?

Silver is simply extract out from the mining different ores mineral like argentite, chlorargyrite and galena. Besides that the Silver is also found in gold, copper, zinc and lead ores but in a limited amount.

Silver Rate in Pakistan

The Chandi Rate in Pakistan is determined by the London Bullion Market Association they set the Silver Rate in Pakistan. However, the Chandi Rate in Pakistan has not stable and not fixed because of several factors like; economic conditions, supply of Silver, political condition and so on. It means that whenever the country is facing economic crisis or political setbacks the price of silver is always up to higher level. Apart from that, the gold rate is also directly linked with Silver rate in Pakistan so whenever the gold rate is high the Silver rate will atomically high.

If we had talked about current situation the Silver Rate in Pakistan is always at higher level as compared with other countries rate list. However, the Chandi Rate in Pakistan is less than the Gold Rate in Pakistan. Moreover, here are some of the factors that will directly impact the Silver Rate in Pakistan Per Tola.

What is the Silver rate today?

As of Monday 27 May, 2024, the silver rate today is Rs. 2807 for 10 grams and Rs. 3275 for 1 tola.

What is the Chandi rate in Pakistan?

The Chandi rate in Pakistan refers to the price of silver. Today, it is Rs. 2807 for 10 grams and Rs. 3275 for 1 tola.

What is the current Silver rate in Pakistan?

The current silver rate in Pakistan is Rs. 2807 as of 27 May, 2024.

What is the 52 tola Chandi price in Pakistan?

52 tola Chandi price in Pakistan is RS. 170300. To calculate the price of 52 tolas of silver, you can simply multiply the rate per tola by 52. This will give you the total price for 52 tola of silver in Pakistan

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