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14 Jul, 2020 Silver Rate in Pakistan Today - provides live rates of silver (10 Gram) and it’s price Rs. 1,023 in rupees of 10 gm from Saraf market on Daily basis.

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Pakistan Silver Rates
Silver 10 Grams 14 Jul, 2020 12:54:01 Rs. 1,023

Silver Rate in Pakistan Today

Sliver Rate in Pakistan- The sliver is also one of valuable ornament that is popular across the world similarly in Pakistan. Hence if you are looking for the Sliver Price in Pakistan you can easily and comfortably determine it from this web portal because the page has the accessibility to give its visitors accurate and perfect Chandi Rate in Pakistan. The page had daily update its content regarding Sliver Rate in Pakistan.

About Sliver

Sliver is a precious metal that is comes after the Gold; it has been widely used by people in various purposes like commonly used as jewelry and investing purposes. The rate of sliver is less as compared with the gold rate that’s why people preferred sliver instead of gold. It is soft and easy to break into thin sheets and easily bended so that it can be easily used for different purposes.

How it is Come from?

Sliver is simply extract out from the mining different ores mineral like argentite, chlorargyrite and galena. Besides that the sliver is also found in gold, copper, zinc and lead ores but in a limited amount.

History of Sliver

The history of sliver is dated back in 300 B.C and at that time the first silver mine was discovered at the place of Turkey, Anatolia after that it was also found in Greece. In early time it was greatly used as a source of currency and several countries used it as their national currency. By the passage of time silver became more popular and now the sliver is supplying throughout the world and even it is estimated that the every year the production of silver rose up-to 120 million.

Sliver Rate in Pakistan

The Chandi Rate in Pakistan is determined by the London Bullion Market Association they set the Sliver Rate in Pakistan. However, the Chandi Rate in Pakistan has not stable and not fixed because of several factors like; economic conditions, supply of sliver, political condition and so on. It means that whenever the country is facing economic crisis or political setbacks the price of silver is always up to higher level. Apart from that, the gold rate is also directly linked with sliver rate in Pakistan so whenever the gold rate is high the sliver rate will atomically high.

If we had talked about current situation the Sliver Rate in Pakistan is always at higher level as compared with other countries rate list. However, the Chandi Rate in Pakistan is less than the Gold Rate in Pakistan. Moreover, here are some of the factors that will directly impact the Sliver Rate in Pakistan Per Tola.

Factors Impacting Sliver Price in Pakistan

  • • The supply of silver is short in the country then the silver rate is automatically high.
  • • Economic stability or instability will also directly affecting the price of chandi in the country, means that when economic conditions are favorable then silver rate will be decrease and if Pakistan had faced economic crisis then the rate will increase.
  • • Transformation in the Gold rate the chandi rate also transforms.
  • • The political conditions are also directly influence the rate of the silver.
  • • Changes in USD dollar also impact the price.

The above mentioned are some of the main factors through which the rate of silver is directly under the influence.

Today Chandi Rate in Pakistan

Thereby, it is necessary to keep on checking at the Silver Rate in Pakistan so that you can understand the economic condition and can easily buy the silver. In this regard, offers live and current Silver Rate in Pakistan Per Kg within 1 tola Silver Price in Pakistan hence you can easily determine and understand Silver Rate in Pakistan Per Tola through this one online platform.

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The each quality silver rates are presently notice here that should give us the entire refreshed subtleties with their present rates
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How might I find silver rates in Pakistan on a particular date
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Silver price in Pakistan is much lower than gold. It is better to make investment in it.
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Kindly tell us 1 tola silver current rate as well, it would be easier for us to colcoulate zakat nisab.
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The Chandi Rate in Pakistan has not stable and not fixed because of several factors. bit when i need to know about the rates of Silver , this site helps me to know about it...
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The every quality silver rates are now mention here that should give us the whole updated details with their current rates
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The every quality silver rates are now mention here that should give us the whole updated details with their current rates
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Hydrabad me kia rate ha silver k
By: Imran on Tue 30 Jul, 2019

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