Petrol Price in Pakistan Today

Today petrol price in Pakistan for premium is Rs. 233.89, High speed diesel rate is Rs. 263.31, Light speed diesel Rs. 207.47 and Kerosene oil rate is Rs. 211.43. As per Government of Pakistan policy petrol rate in Pakistan is revised twice in a month.

Petroleum Products Price
Premium 233.89/Ltr
High Speed Diesel 263.31/Ltr
Light Speed Diesel 207.47/Ltr
Kerosene Oil 211.43/Ltr
Last Updated: 16 Jun 2022

Price of Petroleum Products Rs./litre

Date Petrol High Speed Diesel Light Diesel
Jun 16, 2022 233.89 263.31 207.47
Jun 03, 2022 209.86 204.15 178.31
May 27, 2022 179.86 174.15 148.31
Mar 01, 2022 149.86 144.15 118.31
Feb 16, 2022 159.86 154.15 123.97
Aug 01, 2021 119.8 116.53 84.67
Jul 16, 2021 118.09 116.5 84.67

The petrol price in Pakistan is reviewed after every 15 days. The petrol rate in Pakistan applies on all cities irrespective of cities or regions. Here you can check the rate for all petroleum products in Pakistan including high octane, kerosene oil, Euro 5, light speed diesel, and high speed diesel.

The word petroleum is the combination of two different words “petra” which means rock and “oleum” means “oil”. However, the petroleum in raw from is extracted from land or sea through the technique of distillation. The petroleum itself is just composed of crude oil but in the raw form it may possess different types of solid, liquid, and gaseous hydrocarbons.

What is petrol price in Pakistan today?

Today Petrol Price in Pakistan is PKR 179.85 per litre. Pakistan's financial situation has become relatively volatile in recent years, resulting in unusual variations in fuel prices. Therefore the government has announced a new hike in petrol prices in Pakistan up to Rs30 per liter.

What is the cost of 1 liter petrol in Pakistan?

Petrol rate in Pakistan today cost of 1 liter 179.85, and there is a possibility that it will go further. According to a notification issued by the Finance Miniter "Miftah Ismail" The rise in petrol rate aimed at ensuring the resurgence of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) program.

Affected by Rising Petrol Prices

It is a vital time for Pakistan, which is experiencing rapid growth and monetary instability at the time. The government has announced a new hike in petrol, diesel, light diesel, and kerosene oil prices in Pakistan up to Rs30 per liter. Petroleum prices are influenced by several factors, one of which is supply. OPEC's reduced supply to other countries generates a rise in local prices as well. As retail merchants add their profit to the total cost of fuel, increased transportation and advertising costs have a significant impact on petroleum prices.

History of Petroleum

In 347 AD, China became the first country to produce and utilize the petroleum. The first commercial of Canada became operational in 1858. However, at the beginning of 20th century, Russia became the leading producer of petroleum products. Now, most of the oil in our world is produced by three countries that are Unites States, Russia and Saudi Arabia. However, 80% of oil reserves are present in Middle East, where majority of the providers are Qatar, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

Comments on Petroleum Prices

Petrol ki qeemat boht ziada hai

  • By: Abid Khan
  • on Mon 27 Jun, 2022

Hogaya kaam tamaam, petrol prices hikes again

  • By: Kashif Alam
  • on Thu 16 Jun, 2022

And how much will the petrol price go up in Pakistan? What will happen to the poor and middle class people now?

  • By: Faham Laiq
  • on Mon 13 Jun, 2022

Petrol, CNG, Oil rates are becoming more hikes, has petrol price increased yet?

  • By: Abdul Rehman
  • on Wed 08 Jun, 2022

And how much will the petrol price go up in Pakistan? What will happen to the poor and middle class people now?

  • By: Raheel Ahmed
  • on Fri 03 Jun, 2022

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