7500 Prize Bond List

National Savings Prize Bond 7500 has been discontinued by the Government of Pakistan. Last draw was Draw number 85 of RS 7500 Prize Bond announced on Monday 01 February, 2021 at Lahore and Draw number 84 of RS 7500 Prize Bond announced on Monday 02 November, 2020 at Karachi.

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Last Update: Draw #85 Announced At Lahore.

Upcoming Rs. 7500 Prize Bond Draws
Draw #
Prize Bonds Date Day CITY Status
7500 01 Feb, 21 Mon Lahore Draw HeldView Result
7500 02 Nov, 20 Mon Karachi Draw HeldView Result
7500 03 Aug, 20 Mon Faisalabad Draw HeldView Result
7500 04 May, 20 Mon Peshawar Draw HeldView Result
7500 03 Feb, 20 Mon Hyderabad Draw HeldView Result
Note: In case draw fall in public holiday (s) the draw will be held on the following working day (s)
Winning Amount of Rs. 7500 Prize Bond
List No of Prizes Winning Amount (Rs) Prizes
Prize Bond RS. 7500/- 01 15,000,000 1st Prize
Prize Bond RS. 7500/- 03 5,000,000 2nd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 7500/- 1696 93,000 3rd Prize
Prize Bond List 7500
Prize Bond List 7500

What is Prize Bond 7500?

Much the same as cash, Any prize bond including the prize bond 7500 are conveyor instruments for the venture. This implies the holder is the proprietor. They are given by the Ministry of Finance to inspire residents to contribute and acquire enormous prizes. There are two kinds of Prize Bonds that are Basic and Premium and 7500 prize bond draw is included among the basic ones.

An ordinary bond doesn't require a great deal of legitimate documentation and winners can easily get prizes in 7500 prize bond draw. The financial specialist needs to fill out the basic form as the main prerequisite to purchase the prize bond. Nonetheless, the mentioned date on the bond holds significance as it shows when a person who holds prize bond become qualified for the prize.

Prize Bonds are a wellspring of government acquiring. Till date the government has raised around Rs. 130 Billion, through this plan. They additionally, effectively encourage venture and investment funds attitude in public.

The Ministry of Finance is taking a shot at presenting higher bonds offering a tremendous measure of prizes. The eventual fate of prize bonds is sprouting as more individuals are continually searching for safe speculation decisions. In any case, it is ideal to contribute simply subsequent to understanding the total elements of the working principle of prize bond.

7500 Prize Bond of Winning Amount:

  • The value of 1st prize is Rs. 15,000,000 to one winner.
  • The value of 2nd prize is Rs. 5,000,000 to three winner.
  • The value of 3rd prize is Rs. 93,000 to 1696 winner.

Who Sells Prize Bond 7500 in Pakistan?

SBP BSC is the key issuance authority of prize bond in Pakistan. Rather than, the National Savings Center and the key branches of designated branches also involved in the buying and selling of prize bond. The approved banks can just offer prize bond encashment of maximum Rs 1,250. On the off chance that the sum surpasses, the whole procedure will be done at SBP BSC.

Government Organizations who are Involved

It is additionally crucial to realize all the organizations related with the creation, printing and provision of prize bonds. Pakistan Security Printing Corporation prints prize bonds, though Central Directorate of National Savings or CDNS deals with all government investment funds to serve public. Public Debt Office issues protections to create debt from masses.

Lawfully, the prize bonds came under the Public Debt Act, 1944. Albeit normally utilized for contributing and winning powerful prizes, prize bonds are likewise helpful to be held as insurance against advances. Contingent upon your need and prerequisite, you can utilize a prize bond for various reasons.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Investing in Prize Bond 7500

When talk about the prize bond result 7500 or 7500 prize bond list 2023. There are the Goods and The Bads of putting resources into Prize Bonds. In the event that you get fortunate, you win return up to 1800 times of your speculation. It is without bothering as there are no long enlistment strategies included. You can prepare your own strategy and can begin with the lowest sum you want. The investment in prize bond is highly liquid; you can redeem them effortlessly at whatever point you need after the announcement of 7500 prize bond list 2023. They are likewise generally acknowledged as a guarantee against the advance. You never lose you’re the hard-earned money. On the other side, prize Bonds are much the same as Pakistan's money as they lose esteem additional time. This makes them somewhat less appealing contrasted with other venture choices, for example, gold, whose worth doesn't change to such an extent. In addition, the likelihood of each bond winning a prize is not much high.


I have 7500 prize bond I was purchased to 23 may 2016 it's not wine then I was encash now??

  • By: Syed Sajjad shah
  • on Fri 10 Mar, 2023

I have 7500 prize bond I was purchased to 23 may 2016 it's not wine then I was encash now??

  • By: Syed Sajjad shah
  • on Fri 10 Mar, 2023

7500 prize bond I have 3 of 7500 prize bonds, can i encash now?

  • By: syed rizvi
  • on Sun 11 Dec, 2022

This is a best site for check 7500 prize bond list 2022. I am very thankful to you

  • By: Raheel Khan
  • on Tue 28 Jun, 2022

Check out the Prize Bond 100 of 2022 for the Prize Bond Draw which is held every month.

  • By: Kamran Shah
  • on Tue 28 Jun, 2022

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