25000 Prize Bond List

The upcoming Premium Prize Bond Rs. 25000 draw number 10 will be announced by the National Savings division on 12 June, 2023 at Faisalabad. Look at the latest and all previous draw results 2023 list here. You can search 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winning numbers and with the complete schedule of 25,000 prize bond 2023.

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Last Update: Draw #11 Announced At Sialkot.

Upcoming Rs. 25000 Prize Bond Draws
Draw #
Prize Bonds Date Day CITY Status
25000 11 Dec, 23 Mon Rawalpindi Upcoming
25000 11 Sep, 23 Mon Sialkot Draw HeldView Result
25000 12 Jun, 23 Mon Faisalabad Draw HeldView Result
25000 10 Mar, 23 Fri Hyderabad Draw HeldView Result
25000 12 Dec, 22 Mon Lahore Draw HeldView Result
25000 12 Sep, 22 Mon Faisalabad Draw HeldView Result
25000 10 Jun, 22 Fri Hyderabad Draw HeldView Result
25000 10 Mar, 22 Thu Rawalpindi Draw HeldView Result
25000 02 Nov, 20 Mon Peshawar Draw HeldView Result
25000 03 Aug, 20 Mon Lahore Draw HeldView Result
25000 04 May, 20 Mon Rawalpindi Draw HeldView Result
25000 03 Feb, 20 Mon Faisalabad Draw HeldView Result
Note: In case draw fall in public holiday (s) the draw will be held on the following working day (s)
Winning Amount of Rs. 25000 Prize Bond
List No of Prizes Winning Amount (Rs) Prizes
Prize Bond RS. 25000/- 01 50,000,000 1st Prize
Prize Bond RS. 25000/- 03 15,000,000 2nd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 25000/- 1696 312,000 3rd Prize
Prize Bond List 25000
Prize Bond List 25000

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Prize Bond 25000 Overview

In Pakistan, there are several investment options available for the investors in Pakistan. People usually make a huge investment in mutual funds, stocks or shares, paper and digital currencies, etc. However, there are several risks involved with the investment in these sectors due to the high fluctuation, uncertainty in the market, etc. However, but when we talk about the prize bond 25000, it is a much safe and secure option to go for investment as it does not involve any such risk. On the other side, the Government of Pakistan is behind the scheme so you do not need to worry about any fraudulent activity. The best thing about the prize bond 25000 is that the government organizes the 25000 prize bond draw after every three months so you have a chance to be included as a winner in the 25000 bond list 2023. However, on this page, 25000 prize bond list 2023 is updated as soon as National Savings announces the prize bond result 25000.

Why Should You Invest in Prize Bond 25000?

In each 25000 prize bond draw, several winners win a prize in the prize bond result 25000. It is good for individuals who need to rely on low speculation. They purchase prize bond one time and get a lifetime opportunity to win prizes. You have the right to return it whenever to the State Bank of Pakistan in the same cost. Prize bond draws are being held by Prize Bond Schedule gave by National investment funds of Pakistan.

25000 Prize Bond of Winning Amount:

  • The value of 1st prize is Rs. 50,000,000 to one winner.
  • The value of 2nd prize is Rs. 15,000,000 to three winner.
  • The value of 3rd prize is Rs. 312,000 to 1696 winner.

The holders of Prize bond check their prizes in the draw 750 prize bond list 2023 after the draw. You can peruse this rundown on legitimate site of national investment funds, just as in national papers. At the point when you purchase a prize bond, there will be four opportunities to win the prize in a year. In the event that you read Prize Bond Schedule 2023, you can comprehend this point each prize bond will be incorporated into draw multiple times each year.

Government of Pakistan issues the prize bond, so people invest without worrying about the misfortune speculation. You can purchase prize bonds from any business bank and can likewise sell it back to the bank whenever. A draw is held for each section at regular intervals by State Bank of Pakistan where several individuals win money prizes. In spite of the fact that the likelihood of winning a prize is extremely low however, no one can really tell when it is your day of reckoning. You can see all the data about prize bonds in different denominations by checking the 25000 prize bond list 2023 or prize bond result 25000.

25000 Prize Bond Draw Winning Amount:

It is a prize bond with the second-highest value. In each draw, total 1,700 winners win prizes. Numbers of winners are 1, 3, and 1696 for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize respectively.


25000 Prize Bond Draw Result: It's always a heart-pounding moment when I visit this page to check the results of my 25000 prize bonds. The detailed information here makes it easy to confirm if I'm a lucky winner.

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The 25000 draw result page provides up-to-date information on prize bond results, allowing users to easily check if they have won a prize

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This website provides the latest and accurate results for the 25,000 prize bond draws. Users can easily check the results of their prize bond numbers, making it a convenient platform for those participating in prize bond schemes. The website ensures transparency and reliability in delivering the draw results, allowing individuals to stay updated with their potential winnings.

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Stay informed about the latest results of the 25,000 rupees prize bond draw using this platform, providing individuals with an opportunity to see if they have won a prize in this widely participated financial scheme.

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