Interbank Rates in Pakistan

18 May, 2022 - Interbank Currency Rates refers as State Bank rates in Pakistan. Inter-bank Exchange rates or conversion rate in PKR Pakistani Rupee that daily updates in all major currencies includes US Dollar, UAE Dirham AED, Saudi Riyal SAR, Euro Rate EUR, British Pound GBP Rates and all other currencies as are listed here.

  • Interbank USD to PKR is: PKR 198
  • Interbank UAE Dirham to PKR is: PKR 53.87
  • Interbank Saudi Riyal to PKR is: PKR 52.75
  • Interbank UK Pound to PKR is: PKR 247.17
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flag US Dollar 197.5 198
flag Euro 208.29 208.6
flag UK Pound Sterling 246.8 247.17
flag U.A.E Dirham 53.79 53.87
flag Saudi Riyal 52.67 52.75
flag Canadian Dollar 154.18 154.41
flag Australian Dollar 139.01 139.22
flag Japanese Yen 1.5296 1.5319
flag Thai Bhat 5.7 5.71
flag Chinese Yuan 29.09 29.53
flag Hong Kong Dollar 25.17 25.21
flag Danish Krone 27.98 28.02
flag Singapore Dollar 142.49 142.71
flag Swedish Korona 19.88 19.91
flag Swiss Franc 198.73 199.03
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This platform will give its users an incredible service by offering them an accurate and proper Interbank Rate live. You can avail this offer at any time it is free of cost and available every-time. This site will daily update interbank exchange rate along with Buying TT Clean and Selling TT and OD.

However, the question popup in mind that; what is Interbank? For understand its meaning let’s continue the reading.

Interbank Exchange Rate

Interbank or Interbank exchange rate is considered as a worldwide market where the trading currency is in the hands of global firms and banks instead of government. Here the bank has the sole authority to exchange the traded money at a particular rate or may be on wholesale rate. In simple words interbank is the bank that offers the opportunity to various large firms or banks direct trading with each other via online platform or Electronic Broking Service and involve in direct transaction.

Participants of Interbank

As mentioned above that in interbank market large firms or usually banks will involved which include; commercial banks, central banks, brokers, funding organizations and trading companies. Here every participant has their own market that is formerly known as interbank market.

Further, in several countries rules and regulations will be implemented on interbank market and these rules must be prohibited while interbank trading.

Inter Bank Dollar Rate

On contrary, the interbank rate is the rate of interest that is charged by the bank on the behalf of short loans as bank give an opportunity of borrowing and lending money in interbank market so it will decline the pressure and burden of withdrawals by offering interest on every exchanging currency. Whereas, the inter bank dollar rate is also referred to an interbank exchange rate on which the paid by the bank at a specific rate and time period to other bank in case of trading currencies. Hence, the banks will tend to increment interbank exchange rate by buying and selling of foreign currencies in bulky amount and give it to the investors in higher rates. Investors will save these foreign money and when they withdrawal it they will get double or higher amount. Thus, it is very significance for the countries to keep an update of interbank rate today

Interbank Rates in Pakistan

The banks play a significant role in the life of a money exchanger as they enable various benefits and interest on money conversion but only regular and frequent investors have a chance to gain bounties on money exchange. The interbank exchange rate today is depending upon the International banks that the value and time period they had set for currency trading will determine interbank exchange rate.

However, in Pakistan the interbank rate today for currencies exchanging is not differ from the open market rate because in Pakistan the banking sector will offer more interest rates on money exchanged that is not suitable and favorable for investors who want less money for exchanging purposes. However, if you see from the investing point of view then definitely go to national bank of Pakistan to exchange money.

USD to PKR Interbank Rate

Besides that, if we talked about interbank dollar rate so it is always favorable for the countries as the USD dollar is relating to leading currency and most traded one because of its value and estimation. In such ways the USD is directly affect the PKR and we need to keep an eye on USD to PKR Interbank rate. And it is also necessary for Pakistan to accountable the economic condition of the country and this can be only happen after constant checking on interbank dollar rate.

All of this can go through this web portal; from here you will comfortably access USD to PKR Interbank rate that is based upon live and updated rates. The page will also caters the users by offering them proper and accurate interbank rate today in Pakistan along with different currencies. Lastly, you will also get open market forex rates and International forex rates.

So just stick to this page if you are looking for USD conversion rate, AED conversion rate, SAR conversion rate, AUD conversion rate, etc.

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Interbank rates are changing on every day every minutes according to the market situation. Interbank Dollar rate also changes as Dollar rate are increasing day by day.

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Interbank rates are changing every day and every minutes according to the shares and stocks in the market. Interbank Dollar rates can also be view on this page.

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Get the latest and updated interbank and interbank dollar rates from this forum.

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Easily find the interbank dollar rates and other currencies form this forum as Dollar rates are getting its peak due to oil prices and effect on exports.

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I was looking for a website where I can find the latest information about the current value of currency and just found this portal.

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