BHD to PKR Rate in Pakistan Today

BHD to PKR Today is RS 388.50 in the currency market of Pakistan. There is a trading difference from the previous day in Bahrain Dinar to PKR Pakistan Rupee has decreased PKR 0.00 or 0.0% on 17 Oct 2021 trading in currency conversion or open market rate.

1.00 Bahrain Dinar = 388.50 Pakistani Rupees

As on Oct 17, 2021 at 02:22 PST (GMT+5)
BHD to PKR Stats
Last 30 days Last 90 days
High 388.5 388.8
Low 388.36 388.36
Average 388.416 388.603
BHD TO PKR chart & Graph
BHD to PKR Open Market Forex Rates History
Date Buying Selling
Today 386.75 388.50
16 Oct, 2021 386.75 388.50
15 Oct, 2021 386.75 388.50
14 Oct, 2021 386.75 388.50
13 Oct, 2021 386.75 388.50
12 Oct, 2021 386.75 388.50
11 Oct, 2021 386.75 388.50
10 Oct, 2021 386.75 388.50
09 Oct, 2021 386.75 388.50
08 Oct, 2021 386.75 388.50
07 Oct, 2021 386.75 388.50
What is BHD to PKR Today?

Weekly performance of BHD to PKR shows decrease in value and Pakistani Rupee is up by PKR 0.00 or 0.0%. The peak conversion exchange rate of Bahrain Dinar to PKR was PKR 388.5 and lowest PKR 388.5 conversion.

Monthly fluctuation during the last 30 days as follows for BHD to PKR: High PKR 388.5 and Low PKR 388.36 in value, where buying was PKR 386.75 and Selling 388.50

1 BHD to PKR Today Rate - 1 Dinar in Pakistani Rupees: Pakistan and Bahrain are both Islamic countries and assisting each other in different sectors and Bahraini Dinar to Pakistan Rupee is crucial for them. There are huge numbers of South Asian workers including Pakistanis who are offering their services to Bahrain and they want to know about Bahrain currency rate in Pakistan today or Behreen currency rate in Pakistani Rupees. It is a key reason that the BHD to PKR today rate matters for Pakistanis who are doing job or business in Bahrain. By utilizing today Bahrain currency rate in Pakistan or 1 BHD to PKR rate, they can remain updated about 1 Dinar in Pakistani Rupees rate.

However, PKR to BHD rate is also crucial for people who send or receive remittances from Bahrain and currency converter BHD to PKR is perfect for them to assess Bahrain currency rate in Pakistan today or Behreen currency rate in Pakistani rupees. Each Bahraini Dinar contains 1000 files. However, BHD is available in 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 fils. On the other side, banknotes are 500 fils, BD1, 5, 10 and 20. As per the latest Bahraini Dinar rate in Pakistan today, 1 dinar in Pakistani Rupees is equal to around 400 Rupees. However, Bahraini Dinar rate in Pakistan today fluctuates on daily basis.

Due to the business and financial reasons, it is crucial for the investors to regularly check the conversion rates of both currencies such as Pakistani Rupee or Bahraini Dinar. However, the knowledge about the conversion rates of both currencies is crucial for the investors as they can easily determine the value of the local currency against the international currency.

By accessing Hamariweb, you can get all latest updates related to the exchange rate of Bahraini Dinar to Pakistani Rupee. The convert BHD to PKR today page has all the current information related to both currencies and you can easily learn about the conversion rate of Bahraini Dinar to Pakistani Rupee rate or Bahraini currency rate in Pakistani Rupees.

Also Check PKR to BHD Currency Rates Today and Pakistan Open Market Rates.

With, the whole process is much simple and the Bahraini currency convert to Pakistani Rupees can be easily done through the BHD to PKR today page.

Dinar the name came from the old Roman. It is noted that the coin of silver was first used as a standard of transaction in the BC era. Before 1965, the utilization of Persian Gulf Rupee happened. Then Bahraini Dinar comes and replaced the Persian Gulf Rupee. There has been unpredictability, for the most part, because of the unsteadiness in the district, however, the peg has been kept up. Till the financial year of 2006, the Bahrain Agency was later called CBB. However, CBB stands for Central Bank of Bahrain and it controls all types of banks. They likewise have oversight of protection, speculation firms, representatives, and other monetary foundations.

During this time, the nation was additionally getting all the more financially steady, subsequent to having actualized changes at a formative level. In 2008, the main banking regulatory authority of Bahrain revealed another banknotes series for utilization in different purposes including cash transaction.

As indicated by World Bank information starting in 2016, the nation posted a 5.7% yearly expansion rate and has a (GDP) development of 3.9%.

The Bahrain Monetary Agency permitted people who had erroneously acknowledged the unapproved notes to trade them for face an incentive at banks between 8 to 14 June 1998, at that point immediately reviewed every one of the 20-dinar notes on 30 July 1998. Notes that were unapproved, possessing 1993 structure, did not possess an image in multidimensional and were in purple color. The unapproved notes, being imitations of the 1993 structure, were in purple and without a multidimensional image. Regardless of this the updated notes, likewise in purple however with a multi-dimensional image, that had been discharged in June 1998 were additionally pulled back. In 1998, during August, the same thing happened with 20 dinar note. Hence, the real June 1998 structure was distinctly available for use for around 7 weeks and is along these lines once in a while observed by gatherers. It is noted that the all banknotes of Bahrain Bank remained interchangeable.

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Q. What is the rate of Bahrain Dinar today in Pakistan?

A. Bahrain Dinar rate today in Pakistan is Rs 386.75. In the last 30 days, the rate of Bahrain Dinar is decreased.

Q. How much is 1 Bahrain Dinar to PKR today?

A. 1 Bahrain Dinar equals 386.75 Pakistani rupees. However, the rate fluctuates on a regular basis. It is a reason that it is crucial for investors to remain updated with the BHD to PKR today rate.

Q. How to calculate BHD to PKR exchange rate?

A. There are different methods to calculate the BHD to PKR exchange rate. However, the simplest one is that first, you have to check the rate of one Bahrain Dinar in Pakistan. In the next step, multiply the rate by the amount in currency. For example, if one Bahrain Dinar is equal to 386.75 Pakistani Rupees then ten Bahrain Dinar will be equivalent to RS 3867.50.

Q. How can I exchange Bahrain Dinar to Pakistani rupees?

A. You can exchange Bahrain Dinar into Pakistani Rupees from the money changers or currency exchange currencies. However, it is recommended to first view the latest BHD to PKR rate to not become a victim of any fraud.

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The price of gold in Arab countries such as Bahrain is lower than the other parts of world.

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I have Bahraini Dinars in large numbers.

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Bahrain's gold rates are very high..

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