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27 Jul, 2021 - Today’s Euro Member Countries EUR to USD US Dollar currency exchange rate decrease USD 0.0026 or 0.220% on 27 Jul trading in currency conversion. Today’s live EUR to USD rate 1.1776, you can use following tool as a EUR to USD Currency Converter.
EUR TO USD Converter
1.00 EUR in USD 1.1776 1 USD in EUR 0.8492
Updated: July 27 2021
EUR to USD Stats
Last 30 days Last 90 days
High 1.1812 1.1875
Low 1.1871 1.2039
Average 1.1840 1.2015
The Euro Member Countries to US Dollar currency conversion has a key significance. The exchange of different currencies such as Euro Member Countries to US Dollar or EUR to USD is a common practice in these countries. However, the Euro Member Countries or EUR is the main trading currency of US Dollar. Whereas, Euro Member Countries or EUR is utilized as the main currency in the US Dollar. The USD to EUR rate fluctuates on a daily basis.


Jul 27, 2021 EUR To USD 1.1776
Jul 26, 2021 EUR To USD 1.1770
Jul 25, 2021 EUR To USD 1.1771
Jul 24, 2021 EUR To USD 1.1773
Jul 23, 2021 EUR To USD 1.1792
Jul 22, 2021 EUR To USD 1.1782
Jul 21, 2021 EUR To USD 1.1783
Jul 20, 2021 EUR To USD 1.1802
Jul 19, 2021 EUR To USD 1.1813
Jul 18, 2021 EUR To USD 1.1813

EUR to USD Rates

Euro Member Countries EUR to USD - Weekly performance of EUR to USD shows decrease in USD 0.0000 or 0% in value where peak conversion exchange rate of EUR to USD was USD 1.1750 and lowest USD 1.1783 conversion. Monthly fluctuation during the last 30 days as follows for EUR to USD: High USD 1.1812 and Low USD 1.1871 in value, where buying was USD and Selling 1.1776

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Convert Euro to USD

EUR to USD Rate – Convert Euro to USD: This page is developed to provide all details regarding Euro USD investing and Euro to Dollar history. You can easily check the 1 EUR to USD and USD to EUR rate. Just read the information regarding the EUR to USD or Euro to USD rate.

Before discussing Euro to USD it is much vital to take the overview of the United States Dollar and Euro. Along these lines, the Euro is the official money of European Union; it is an association of 28 countries which are tied with one another so as to advance products openly with one another for the improvement of monetary states of the nation. The Euro is symbolized as EUR be that as it may; Euro is exclusively utilized as the national cash by 19 nations among 28 distinct nations of EU and these 19 nations are known as Euro Area of here and there otherwise called Eurozone.

On the off chance that we dated back, so the possibility of Euro was authored in 1999 by the European Union Committee. Beginning EU has utilized European Currency Unit and it is indicated as EUC it is a blend of the monetary forms that was broadly utilized by the network of Europe. Be that as it may, it was supplanted after the developing of the Euro. Maybe around then just a couple of European Community had utilized Euro yet after the developing of Euro coins and Banknotes numerous other European Sates had bit by bit utilized Euro as their national cash.

Today 19 nations from the European Union had generally utilized Euro as authentic cash rather than some other money. As of now, Euro is considered as the second most noteworthy and most exchanged money all through the world after the US Dollar. In any case, this position had taken by the Euro after the endless endeavours and changes on the grounds that once in 2009 the cash had confronted genuine strife of obligation emergency and caused an incredible issue, in general, the financial segment of Europe. However, the Euro had returned back as top cash after the monetary development and productive changes.

When talking about the official currency of United State of America, USD or United States Dollar is its currency. The Dollar Rate is constantly esteemed as the cash is viewed as one of the ground-breaking monetary standards around the globe and widely utilized in exchanging. Other than that, the Dollar numerous worldwide banks will utilize this USD for various purposes like; exchanges, paying gigantic measures of obligations and just as in exchange. The explanation is that Dollar will never cheapen and simple in estimation that is the reason profoundly favoured cash.

Regardless of Euro to Dollar history or Euro USD investing, the exchanging of merchandise cash trading is likewise moderately noteworthy in light of the fact that for purchasing and selling of items with other nation it is important to change over open market rates with different nations. Trading of monetary standards additionally alluded as Foreign Exchange rates. Aside from that, the International banks have the sole ownership to fixing the cash change rate in the overall market while Central Bank will manage the national money and keep a balance between the purchasing and selling of products by checking Foreign Exchange Fixing. In Pakistan, the State Bank of Pakistan is the Central Bank and setting this outside rate on a regular routine,

The monetary forms trading will be done by means of online administrations like you can get to this administration from this website page. Just bookmark this page so you can easily convert Euro to USD by analyzing 1 EUR to USD or USD to EUR rate.

Disclaimer: The currency exchange rates used on this page are obtained from various sources of money market. The rates here are only for info purpose and are not intended as a suggestion or recommendation to trade. Please refer your local money market or banks for daily updated rate.