Kuwaiti Dinar to Pakistan Rupees Forex Exchange Rates

1.00 KWD = 399.00 PKR
1 KWD = 399.00 PKR 1 PKR = 0.002506 KWD
Kuwaiti Dinar Pakistani Rupee
Updated: July 16 2018

1 KWD to PKR Open Market Forex Rates Archive

Date Symbol Buying Selling
15 Jul, 2018 KWD To PKR 399.00 401.50
14 Jul, 2018 KWD To PKR 399.00 401.50
13 Jul, 2018 KWD To PKR 399.00 401.50
12 Jul, 2018 KWD To PKR 401.00 403.50
12 Jul, 2018 KWD To PKR 401.00 403.50
11 Jul, 2018 KWD To PKR 399.00 401.50
11 Jul, 2018 KWD To PKR 399.00 401.50
11 Jul, 2018 KWD To PKR 399.00 401.50
11 Jul, 2018 KWD To PKR 399.00 401.50
11 Jul, 2018 KWD To PKR 399.00 401.50
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KWD to PKR Rates in Pakistan

KWD to PKR Rates - Find best online Kuwaiti Dinar to Pakistan Rupees Rates in Pakistan. Daily updated live currency exchange ratesin open market, inter bank, and International forex rates on Hamariweb.com. These real time 1 KWD to PKR =399.00, foreign exchange rates are highly accurate. Here you will also find Kuwaiti Dinar to Pakistan Rupees rates archives, forex news, forex dealers directory, gold rates, Pakistan prize bond results and lots more.

Comments on KWD to PKR Rates in Pakistan

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Razin Fri 22 Jun, 2018

Central Bank of Kuwait is still exchanging old Kuwaiti Dinar into new Kuwait Dinar but you have to visit personally with your valid civil ID.
ADIL PARWEZ Wed 13 Jun, 2018

How can I bring pakistani rupees to kuwait in dinnars
Mohammed Rafiq Sat 31 Mar, 2018

sir! can i exchange old KWD dinar in rupees so how much
ibrar waheed Wed 28 Feb, 2018

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