QAR to PKR exchange rate is RS 44.75 in the currency market today. There is a trading difference from the previous day in Qatari Riyal to Pakistan Rupee has decrease PKR 0.00 or 0% on 23 Sep 2020 trading in currency conversion or open market rate.

Qatari Riyal To Pakistani Rupee

1.00 QAR = PKR 44.75 1 PKR = 0.022346 QAR
As on Sep 24, 2020 at 04:23 PST (GMT+5)
QAR to PKR Stats
Last 30 days Last 90 days
High 45.4 45.6
Low 44.55 44.55
Average 44.879 45.171

QAR to PKR Open Market Forex Rates HISTORY

Date Symbol Buying Selling
Today QAR To PKR 44.4 44.75
22 Sep, 2020 QAR To PKR 44.40 44.75
21 Sep, 2020 QAR To PKR 44.35 44.70
20 Sep, 2020 QAR To PKR 44.40 44.75
19 Sep, 2020 QAR To PKR 44.40 44.75
18 Sep, 2020 QAR To PKR 44.40 44.75
17 Sep, 2020 QAR To PKR 44.40 44.75
16 Sep, 2020 QAR To PKR 44.30 44.65
15 Sep, 2020 QAR To PKR 44.30 44.65
14 Sep, 2020 QAR To PKR 44.30 44.65
13 Sep, 2020 QAR To PKR 44.35 44.70

QAR to PKR Rates in Pakistan

Qatari Riyal QAR to PKR Pakistan Rupee - Weekly performance of QAR to PKR shows increased in PKR -0.10 or -0.224% in value where peak conversion exchange rate of QAR to PKR was PKR 44.75 and lowest PKR 44.7 conversion. Monthly fluctuation during the last 30 days as follows for QAR to PKR: High PKR 45.4 and Low PKR 44.55 in value, where buying was PKR 44.4 and Selling 44.75

What is the rate of QAR to PKR today?
QAR to PKR buying rate is Rs 44.4 & Selling Rate is Rs 44.75 on 23 Sep, 2020

QAR to PKR - It is hard to determine online accurate exchange rates of QAR to PKR or other currencies rates but provided best ever facility to Convert QAR to PKR in an easy way. On this page the users can easily access 1 Qatari Riyal to PKR, QAR to PKR exchange rates or either QAR to PKR Today in terms of buying and selling and allow the businessmen, financial advisory, financial planner, economist, brokers and Qatari Pakistanis to get correct value of 1 QAR to PKR, 1 Qatari Riyal to PKR or QAR to PKR rate.

Apart from that you can also get all the report about 1 QAR to PKR Open Market rates either QAR to PKR Today. The Qatari Riyal Rate in Pakistan Today and 1 Qatari Riyal to PKR rate is equal to 43.05 PKR. Further, this website not only catered its users about, 1 QAR to PKR or 1 QAR to PKR Open Market exchange rates. But here you can also check out the complete info about the significance of QAR to PKR exchange rates and historical analysis of QAR and PKR

Before jumping to the conversion importance of Qatari Riyal Rate in Pakistan Today, here is a short review regarding the Qatari Riyal to Pakistani Rupee history. Both the currencies have some significant background that is currently impacting its performance in all over the world. The Qatari Riyal or in other words QAR is regarded as the national currency of Qatar that is owned and regulated by Qatar Central Bank. Today the bank has successfully issued several coins and banknotes in Qatar among them the coins are; 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 Dirham coins and banknotes are; 1, 5, 10, 50, 100 and 1000 Riyals. On contrary the Pakistani Rupee or PKR is the official currency of Pakistan that is under the regulation of State Bank of Pakistan, presently they had issued the following coins and notes in Pakistan; 1, 2, 5 and 10 rupee coins and banknotes of 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000 and 5000 rupees.

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Other than that, both currencies have their own kind of value in their respective countries but internationally QAR and PKR both stands differently in all over the world so the difference in QAR to PKR exchange rate. As Pakistani Rupees is not worthy and not favourably use for trading purposes while QAR is not only considered as the highest currency but also greatly used for trading purposes, these difference between QAR and PKR and 1 QAR to PKR is caused by the overall the country’s economic situation. Because the economy of any country will directly impact the currency of the country thus, if country’s economic level is at the top then the currency of the country will automatically above the level and reverse when the economic level is down.

These differences had also occurred due to the influence of historical background, as QAR is the strongest currency since its inception because Qatar has huge petrol, oil and gas reserves since the early time that’s why the economic level was always at the top level. And after the significant growth in Oil throughout the decade and then Oil from Qatar becomes a basic desire of every country therefore now it is included in the second-largest country in terms of Gross domestic production just because of enormous oil-exporting to various countries. However, before QAR the Gulf Rupees was widely circulated in the country by Indian government but after the crisis in Gulf Rupees they replaced it from Saudi Riyal but finally, in 1973 they had introduced their own currency that is Qatari Riyal and replaced all other currencies. All and all QAR is instigated strongly since the initial period. Other than that, Pakistani Rupees since its introduction was weak and did not contains much importance, as the country was already suffering from great socio-economic crisis and weaken Pakistani Rupees and it was also that leaded negative image of PKR among international entrepreneurs. However, somewhat progress has been made in the country and it improves the condition of PKR from past but not as much as QAR.

Furthermore, it is somehow clear now that QAR has a great impact on PKR. But as the top oil-producing country Pakistan greatly buy oil tankers from QAR and Pakistan had also offered cotton and textile therefore for trading it is necessary to convert QAR to PKR because both countries have different sort of currencies so it is vital to anticipate Qatari Riyal Pakistani Currency. In this regard, you can easily and quickly access Qatari Riyal Rate in Pakistan Today along with open market forex rates history, charts, graphs and statistics.

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The QAR to PKR page is a perfect place to remain updated about the latest information related to the Qatari Riyal rate in Pakistan.
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