Saudi Riyal to Pakistan Rupees Forex Exchange Rates

1.00 SAR = 36.75 PKR
1 SAR = 36.75 PKR 1 PKR = 0.027211 SAR
Saudi Riyal Pakistani Rupee
Updated: February 16 2019

1 SAR to PKR Open Market Forex Rates Archive

Date Symbol Buying Selling
15 Feb, 2019 SAR To PKR 36.90 37.15
14 Feb, 2019 SAR To PKR 36.90 37.15
13 Feb, 2019 SAR To PKR 36.85 37.00
12 Feb, 2019 SAR To PKR 36.85 37.00
11 Feb, 2019 SAR To PKR 36.85 37.00
10 Feb, 2019 SAR To PKR 36.65 36.90
09 Feb, 2019 SAR To PKR 36.65 36.90
08 Feb, 2019 SAR To PKR 36.50 36.75
07 Feb, 2019 SAR To PKR 36.45 36.75
06 Feb, 2019 SAR To PKR 36.50 36.80
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SAR to PKR Rates in Pakistan

The Saudi Arabian Riyal is the official currency of KSA - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Riyal abbreviated as SR or SAR Saudi Arabian Riyal, subdivided 100 Halalas, the Qirsh is 5 Halalas.. Pakistani expatriates in Saudi Arabia remitted $5.63 billion and remained on of top, Overseas Pakistanis remitted $3.19 billion in the first two months (July and August) of the current financial year 2015-'16, showing a year-on-year growth of 5.42 per cent. A major portion of this amount was received from Gulf countries, including $483.29 million from Saudi Arabia. More than 60 per cent of the $18.4 billion remitted last year came from Pakistani workers in the GCC, particularly in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Inflows from Saudi Arabia were the largest source of remittances in the first three quarters of 2014-15. They amounted to over $4 billion in July-March, up 19.3% from the same nine months of 2013-14. Find 1 SAR to PKR open market currency exchange rates; also find SAR to PKR buying and selling rate at this platform. You can get weekly archive of 1 Saudi Arabian Riyal to Pakistani rupees currency exchange rates. All the updated on this page are just to provide related information to online visitors. So that, they can save time and have an accurate exchange rates so far.

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nadeem Mon 04 Feb, 2019

From this website I use to check the rates of all countries comparing them with Pakistani gold. I am really amazed to see that there are countries whose currency is less than Pakistan.
Shafeeq Thu 31 Jan, 2019

Gold remains a safe haven for investors during the time period when interest rate hikes push up inflation.
Wajeeh Wed 30 Jan, 2019

I just check out the information of the Gold rates related to my city Saudi Arabia from this sheet which helps me so much to find out the updated information about it
payal Sat 26 Jan, 2019

I can see a minor difference of amount between the gold rates of Pakistan and the gold rates of Saudi arabia. Well, one can buy lots of gold from saudia and then send it to Pakistan for sale. It can be a business idea.
Faiza Fri 25 Jan, 2019

Is this correct?. The gold rate here seem cheaper than in Pakistan. Maybe i will go to Saudi Arabia to get tons of gold now
Wajdan Wed 23 Jan, 2019

The good and every authentic details are mention here about the gold rates who we easily get check that from this online way authentically
tooba Wed 23 Jan, 2019

I love my Pakistan
luqman Khan Tue 22 Jan, 2019

Here we have the gold rates of Saudi Arabia that mention us the every current rates gold with every karate authentically
warda Mon 21 Jan, 2019

Everyone can easily check out the Gold rates for the Saudi Arabia what you ever need to know here because here you can get the best updates for it
harib Sun 20 Jan, 2019

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