Saudi Riyal to Pakistan Rupees Forex Exchange Rates

Saudi Riyal TO Pakistani Rupee
1.00 SAR in PKR 37.50 1 PKR in 0.026667 SAR
Updated: April 19 2019

SAR to PKR Open Market Forex Rates Archive

Date Symbol Buying Selling
18 Apr, 2019 SAR To PKR 37.50 37.80
17 Apr, 2019 SAR To PKR 37.50 37.85
16 Apr, 2019 SAR To PKR 37.80 38.10
15 Apr, 2019 SAR To PKR 37.70 38.00
14 Apr, 2019 SAR To PKR 37.80 38.10
13 Apr, 2019 SAR To PKR 37.80 38.10
12 Apr, 2019 SAR To PKR 37.70 38.05
11 Apr, 2019 SAR To PKR 37.65 38.00
10 Apr, 2019 SAR To PKR 37.70 38.10
09 Apr, 2019 SAR To PKR 37.80 38.20

SAR to PKR Rates in Pakistan

SAR to PKR - The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has their official currency named Saudi Arabian Riyal that is abbreviated as SAR or SR. However, it is their currency since their emergence on world map. However,it was also used during the Hejaz Era. In 1963, a new currency system was implemented in the country and now 1 Riyal is equivalent to 100 Halalas. In Saudi Arabia, there are a large number of Pakistani workers who send remittances to Pakistan.Last year came from Pakistani workers in the GCC, particularly in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Inflows from Saudi Arabia were the largest source of remittances in the first three quarters.

On this page, you can Find 1 SAR to PKR open market currency exchange rates; also find SAR to PKR buying and selling rate at this platform. You can get weekly archive of 1 Saudi Arabian Riyal to Pakistani rupees currency exchange rates. All the updated on this page are just to provide related information to online visitors. So that, they can save time and have an accurate exchange rates so far. In short, this page is a perfect place for Pakistani workers and their families in Pakistan as they can get aware about the current Saudi Riyal rate in Pakistan while sending or receiving remittances.

Comments on SAR to PKR Rates in Pakistan

where is your shop
By: sami ahmed on Fri 12 Apr, 2019
where is your shop
By: sami ahmed on Fri 12 Apr, 2019
Noting that the changes in Saudi Riyal on the comparison of PKR is quite increase within two months, just two months back I went to perform Umrah for that I had to convert SAR to PKR, it was quite reasonable range.
By: imtiaz on Tue 02 Apr, 2019
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