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Updated: July 27 2021
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The Turkey Lira to Pakistan Rupee currency conversion has a key significance. The exchange of different currencies such as Turkey Lira to Pakistan Rupee or TRY to PKR is a common practice in these countries. However, the Turkey Lira or TRY is the main trading currency of Pakistan Rupee. Whereas, Turkey Lira or TRY is utilized as the main currency in the Pakistan Rupee. The PKR to TRY rate fluctuates on a daily basis.


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TRY to PKR Rate – On this page, you will get all important information related to the Turkey Lira to Pakistani Rupee rates and will remain updated about Turkey Lira Pakistan Rupee. You can easily check the TRY rates today and can also use the TRY to PKR currency converter to get accurate TRY to PKR rates.

Pakistan and Turkey have strong relations as both countries are supporting each other in different sectors such as defense, education, economy, etc. Both countries have a long tradition of serving each other’s citizens. However, citizens of both these countries visit each other for different purposes including but not limited to travel, education, business, etc. On this page, you can do analysis of currencies of both these countries that are Turkey Lira and Pakistani Rupee. The page related to the in-depth analysis of Turkey Lira to Pakistani Rupee rate or TRY to PKR rate is a great source of information.

PKR stands for the Pakistani Rupee which is the official currency for Pakistan. One Pakistani Rupee is divided into 100 paisas. However, the PKR or Pakistani Rupee is also referred as Rupaye, Rupaya.

At the point when Pakistan wound up free from Britain in 1947, the Pakistani rupee supplanted the Indian rupee. At first, they remained utilizing the British notes and essentially stepped "Pakistan" over them until printing their very own notes the next year.

The rupee was decimalized in 1961, supplanting the 16 annas that the rupee was initially partitioned into with 100 paisa.

On the other side, TRY or Turkish New Lira is the official currency of Turkey. This money sees use in also other areas such as Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Now, the Turkish new lira breaks into 100 new kurus coins, and as per financial analysts the lira will routinely have the picture YTL showed up. It was first introduced in mid 2005, the Turkish new lira is indistinguishable from 1-million of the old Turkish lira. During revaluation in 2005, a law removed the last six zeros from the estimation of the money. The latest issue of TRY was printed in 2009.

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