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29 May, 2022 - Today’s South Africa Rand ZAR to PKR Pakistan Rupee currency exchange rate increased PKR 0.1964 or 1.650% on 29 May trading in currency conversion. Today’s live ZAR to PKR rate 12.1011, you can use following tool as a ZAR to PKR Currency Converter.

The South Africa Rand to Pakistan Rupee currency conversion has a key significance. The exchange of different currencies such as South Africa Rand to Pakistan Rupee or ZAR to PKR is a common practice in these countries. However, the South Africa Rand or ZAR is the main trading currency of Pakistan Rupee. Whereas, South Africa Rand or ZAR is utilized as the main currency in the Pakistan Rupee. The PKR to ZAR rate fluctuates on a daily basis.

1.00 South Africa Rand = 12.1011 Pakistani Rupees

Updated: May 29 2022
ZAR to PKR Stats
Last 30 days Last 90 days
High 13 13
Low 12 12
Average 12.0630 12.2110
ZAR to PKR Rates History
May 29, 2022 ZAR To PKR 12.1011
May 28, 2022 ZAR To PKR 12.1011
May 27, 2022 ZAR To PKR 12.7483
May 26, 2022 ZAR To PKR 12.0494
May 25, 2022 ZAR To PKR 12.0285
May 24, 2022 ZAR To PKR 11.9678
May 23, 2022 ZAR To PKR 11.9139
May 22, 2022 ZAR To PKR 11.9047
May 21, 2022 ZAR To PKR 11.9047
May 20, 2022 ZAR To PKR 12.3469
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ZAR to PKR Rate – This page is a perfect source of information regarding the South Africa Rand to Pakistani Rupee rate. By utilizing this page, you can keep updated about South Africa Rand Pakistan Rupee. Just stick on this page to get the latest information about ZAR rates today. You can also utilize the ZAR to PKR currency converter to get accurate ZAR to PKR rates.

Pakistan and South Africa have better relation. A large number of people from Pakistan visit South Africa for several purposes such as to do a job or business, complete their education, or just for travel. This page offers the complete analysis of the currencies of both countries that are South African Rand (ZAR) and the Pakistani Rupee (PKR). You will get all key information about the ZAR to PKR rate or South Africa Rand to Pakistani Rupee rate.

South African Rand is the official currency of South Africa and denoted by South African Rand. The South African Rand is symbolized by R and has 100 cents. The South African rand was first presented in February 1961, just before the Republic of South Africa was set up. The rand supplanted the South African pound at a pace of 2 rand to 1 pound. Up until the mid 1970s, the rand was worth around R1.5 per U.S. dollar. Nonetheless, over the following decades the rand has devalued at a fast rate, with considerable moves at the turn of the 21st century, and during the Great Recession.

On the other side, PKR or Pakistani Rupee was pegged to the British pound. In any case, in 1982, the administration received an oversaw buoy strategy that caused monetary anarchy. For the following five years, the rupee fell about 40% against the British pound, and the expense of imports flooded, devastating the effectively delicate economy. The currency stayed under strain until the turn of the century when the State bank of Pakistan at long last brought down financing costs and obtained U.S. dollars to check the falling estimation of the currency.

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