How to start trading in pakistan stock exchange?

How to start trading in pakistan stock exchange?

Stock Exchange in Pakistan has received comparatively low interest from public than it does in other countries. People are awfully scared with the risk factors and do not dare to invest. But those who do, play hard and big. Are you also interested in playing the big game and escape 9-5 job as your only income source? Here is your step by step guide.

1. You must have a valid CNIC, phone number (registered on your name) and a Bank account (It can be on your name or your Guardian Name).

2. Find out a good stockbroker firm. You can search it on Google. If you are living in Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar or Islamabad then You can easily find good stockbrokers and firms.

3. Go to their offices and fill out the forms. It requires CNIC, Phone number, your job salary or your guardian salary slip.

4. After having your account open under guidance of any broker, you can easily trade in stock exchange.

The stock broker will further guide you to companies which are selling/buying shares. Stock trading is absolutely a Halal business in Islam. Once you keep on buying/selling small shares, you will understand the cryptic of stock exchange and you will eventually be able to predict the game like a pro and will earn hefty amount per month by the companies. You can grow a complete career in stock trading. Warren Buffet is the world’s famous and richest investor and pro at stock trading. Its time you start investing and witness the first share benefits in big companies too.

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