Cement bag expensive by Rs25 from July due to Rs100 FED in budget

As the government has increased Federal Excise Duty on cement to Rs.100 per 50kg bag from Rs.75 in the budget 2019-20, the prices of cement bag are going to rise further from July in the range of Rs25-35 per 50kg bag.

Industry experts said that like other things, construction material is also going to get costlier after July when budgetary measures will start get implemented and new duties will be imposed. They said that the budget imposed 17 per cent sales tax on marble industry, besides increasing federal excise duty on cement from Rs1.5 per kg to Rs2 per kg, leading to overall increase of at least Rs.25 per 50kg bag of cement, besides effect of hike in fuel prices and higher customs duty on the import of coal.

DailyTimes, 16 Jun, 2019

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