Petrol Price in Pakistan

Product Retail Price
Premium 100.1/Ltr
High Speed Diesel 101.46/Ltr
Light Speed Diesel 55.98/Ltr
Kerosene Oil 59.06/Ltr

Petrol Price in Pakistan - Petrol is a widely used fuel in various transports in Pakistan. Therefore, it is necessary to overview Petrol Price in Pakistan because as a frequent user it is vital to look out what Petrol Rate in Pakistan is circulating. In such ways, this page will cater its visitor by offering latest Petrol Price in Pakistan. Further, this page will allow several in-depth details about Meaning, importance and working of Petrol etc and also about Petrol Rate in Pakistan.

What is Petrol?

Petrol is a mixture and combination of flammable liquid that is commonly in various vehicles for fueling purposes. Apart from that it is not solely used in automobiles but also widely used in cooking food, generate electricity and the raw material of petrol is also used in cosmetics, detergents dish wash and even used in every daily products. Apart from its meaning how we get petrol is as follows.

How do we get Petrol?

Petroleum is by-product of petrol it is a dark liquid substance that is extracted beneath the surface of the earth. It is pumped out from the surface of the ground when the fossil fuels of millions of dead animals placed in grounds the crude oil or petroleum is made that will used to determine diesel, petrol gas and other oil products. The process will takes millions of years to extract out petroleum and made petrol.

How it works?

The petrol cylinder produced pressure when the combustion of gasoline is mix with air inside the chambers and causes a force and this mixture of fuel air sparks that will cause minor explosion in the cylinder and produce energy. That will allow the drivers to move their vehicles as per to their demands. Petroleum also contains multiple fuels which are as follows.

Variants of Fuel

Some types of fuel that is made from Petroleum are as listed under;

  • • Gasoline
  • • Diesel
  • • Liquid Petroleum Gas
  • • Compressed Natural Gas
  • • Kerosene
  • • Butane
  • • Methane

Besides its working it has several benefits for customers which are as follows.

Why to Use Petrol?

The reason is far more clear that why to use petrol instead of other oil and gas for fuel because it offers various advantages to the users which are listed below.

  • • Petrol is available in abundance amount as compared with other energy sources.
  • • It is more efficient and effective for the vehicles as it enable higher energy.
  • • It can be easily stored and easily carry out or can transfer from one car to another.
  • • Petrol will easily and comfortably extract out without much resources or power.
  • • Petrol will also provide efficient travelling if your vehicle is filled with petrol your vehicle will run faster and quickly and ultimately enjoy throughout the travelling.

Petrol Rate in Pakistan

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has the sole authority to regulate the operations of oil and gas as well as they also controls the Petrol Price in Pakistan. However, the Petroleum Prices in Pakistan is continuously ups and down because the rate of petrol is depend upon several factors which include; economic conditions, globally transformation in oil and gas, political instability and etc.

On the monthly basis the OGRA department provides Petrol rates, High Speed Diesel, light Speed Diesel and Kerosene oil as per the liter. Apart from that the prices are determined as per the area or region. Thereby, every region in Pakistan has distinct petrol prices. While the region of Punjab is extensively depend upon the petrol for fueling their vehicles.

Petrol Price in Pakistan Today

It is always important to check out and keep update yourself about the petrol price in order to keep checking on the economic condition of the country. In such ways if you ever want to check out actual and accurate Petrol Price in Pakistan Today. Then access this information from this webpage because the page has the capability to give its users Petrol Price in Pakistan 2020 every day. Besides that, the page will also provide Petrol Price in Pakistan Per liter, High Speed Diesel, Light Speed Diesel and Kerosene Oil retail prices. The above chart will depicts Petrol 81.58/Ltr, High Speed Diesel 80.1/Ltr , Light Speed Diesel 47.51/Ltr and Kerosene oil 47.44/Ltr

Comments on Petroleum Prices
1 month k liye petrol sasta kar ke kia karliya inhon ne.. wohi haal hogaya dubara karachi men 100rs litr petrol mill raha hay tou har petrol pump pe petrol hy.. abhi 5rs kam hon tou sab k paas petrol khatam hojata hay
By: Sajid on Wed 08 Jul, 2020
khan sahib you have deceived pakistani you have promised much more on container .you should remember what you have said about electricity and petrol and other have not done good.please leave the government you have no capability
By: kalim on Sat 27 Jun, 2020
No inrease in petrol price in international market but our govt.(So called awami govt)increase rate of petroleum product before month end.this is a time to think our people what is reason .because this is a mafia in govt. Whose paritioy to enjoy lavish life and no interest how to live common Pakistani in this situation .
By: Mujtaba hassan on Sat 27 Jun, 2020
All the management doing nothing. we live in that country where most of the things prices can increase 70% and also available . but there prices decrease 30% and then available not!!! WTH Going on here! IS mulk me koi apne ilawa kisi or kuch sochay Aisa na kabhi huwa na he shayed hona hai.
By: Awaam ki Awaaz on Sat 27 Jun, 2020
Petrol price phor barh gayii 25 rupay mehnga hogaya
By: Mirtaza on Fri 26 Jun, 2020
Mashallah This petrol rate is equal for all.. Imran khan sahab thumbs up
By: Sadia on Fri 19 Jun, 2020
Alhamdulillah Petrol rates is decrease.. Ghareebon ke liye bht acha hay.. Ab yahe rates rahein tou logon ke liye asani hay bht...
By: salman on Mon 15 Jun, 2020
Petrol ke price to achi hi lekan petrol melta nahin to hum awaam ko kya faida hoha
By: Ghulam Yaseen Mahar on Sun 14 Jun, 2020
Think OGRA is the sole authority to regulate the operations of oil and gas, then who is responsible for the artificial shortage of petrol in pakistan.Where is the goverment stands.And what they doing against these private petrolium companies ?A common man thinks all these are (TAGS) of PAKISTAN .Even IMRAN KHAN too.
By: Mushtaq on Wed 10 Jun, 2020
It is so bad that when the government decreased the petrol price in Pakistan, the fake shortage is now created by some suppliers.
By: Usman on Tue 09 Jun, 2020
It is 3 days now that petrol is not available in Ghazi, Tarbella, KPK. No check or accountability from anyone. Just one of the numerous fictitious announcements of dropping the prices but not implementing the availability. Gouging from the public's pockets by the big retailers who have illegally over stocked and now do not want to pay for their greed. It is one thing to make the law but another thong to implement it - a trait where we, as a nation, are leaders.
By: Mazhar Lateef on Thu 04 Jun, 2020
hopefully, these prices stay same in future too after this pandemic as finally there got fluctuation towards lower side
By: ahsan on Wed 03 Jun, 2020
It is good to see that petrol price in Pakistan is further decreased.
By: hashim on Mon 01 Jun, 2020
Petrol tu sasta hogaya achi baat hy magar oil sasta nahi kar rahy or genral aitem bhi wohi mehngy hen jab petrol mehnga hotavhy tu foram dosri chizo per rate badh jaty hen ab sasta hoa tu na govt koi action le rahi tajir apni manmani kar rahy hen ulta har chiz dubble rate per de rahy hen govt is per notice ly
By: Alam on Sun 31 May, 2020
Hoping petroleum prices will remain decrease thank you for letting us know about actual prices
By: Zulfiqar on Sat 30 May, 2020
hoping petroleum prices remain affordable after this pandemic situation as well.
By: Ahmed on Tue 12 May, 2020
How much price going to decreased, any idea?
By: Salman on Wed 29 Apr, 2020
FRAUD ALERT PSO BAHRIA TOWN LAHORE PSO Petrol pump outsode main enterance of Bahria town lahore is commiting fraud by selling HOBC at old rate of 157 rs per litre instead of current rate of 148 rs per litre Fraud happened today on 28th April 2020
By: Oneeb on Tue 28 Apr, 2020
hopefully, these prices stay maintain in future too after this pandemic
By: arbaz on Tue 28 Apr, 2020
even in a pandemic, we are standing 96.58/Ltr still too hight to afford for poor man.
By: nehal on Thu 16 Apr, 2020

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