Prize Bond Schedule 2021

National Savings Pakistan Prize Bond Schedule for year 2021 starts from 01 January, 2021 till 15 December, 2021. Prize Bond Schedule are available for denominations of PKR 100, 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15000, and 40000 Premium Prize Bond from January to December. The government has introduced this prize bond scheme for common people of the society, interested or involve people can get all the information about their prize bond.

Draw # Prize Bonds Date Day CITY Status
#85 7500 01 February, 2021 Monday Lahore Upcoming
#36 25000 01 February, 2021 Monday N/A Upcoming
#85 1500 15 February, 2021 Monday Quetta Upcoming
#33 100 15 February, 2021 Monday Karachi Upcoming
#16 40000 10 March, 2021 Wednesday Rawalpindi Upcoming
#85 200 15 March, 2021 Monday Faisalabad Upcoming
#86 15000 01 April, 2021 Thursday Hyderabad Upcoming
#86 750 15 April, 2021 Thursday Quetta Upcoming
#86 7500 03 May, 2021 Monday Rawalpindi Upcoming
#37 25000 03 May, 2021 Monday N/A Upcoming
#34 100 17 May, 2021 Monday Multan Upcoming
#86 1500 17 May, 2021 Monday Karachi Upcoming
#17 40000 10 June, 2021 Thursday Muzaffarabad Upcoming
#86 200 15 June, 2021 Tuesday Peshawar Upcoming
#87 15000 02 July, 2021 Friday Quetta Upcoming
#87 750 15 July, 2021 Thursday Lahore Upcoming
#38 25000 02 August, 2021 Monday N/A Upcoming
#87 7500 02 August, 2021 Monday Karachi Upcoming
#35 100 16 August, 2021 Monday Faisalabad Upcoming
#87 1500 16 August, 2021 Monday Multan Upcoming
#18 40000 10 September, 2021 Friday Peshawar Upcoming
#87 200 15 September, 2021 Wednesday Muzaffarabad Upcoming
#88 15000 01 October, 2021 Friday Karachi Upcoming
#39 25000 01 October, 2021 Friday N/A Upcoming
#88 750 15 October, 2021 Friday Rawalpindi Upcoming
#88 7500 01 November, 2021 Monday Multan Upcoming
#88 1500 15 November, 2021 Monday Faisalabad Upcoming
#36 100 15 November, 2021 Monday Peshawar Upcoming
#19 40000 10 December, 2021 Friday Lahore Upcoming
#88 200 15 December, 2021 Wednesday Hyderabad Upcoming
Note: In case draw fall in public holiday (s) the draw will be held on the following working day (s)
List No of Prizes Winning Amount (Rs) Prizes
Prize Bond RS. 100/- 01 700,000 1st Prize
Prize Bond RS. 100/- 03 200,000 2nd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 100/- 1,199 1,000 3rd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 200/- 01 750,000 1st Prize
Prize Bond RS. 200/- 05 250,000 2nd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 200/- 2,349 1,250 3rd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 750/- 01 1,500,000 1st Prize
Prize Bond RS. 750/- 03 500,000 2nd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 750/- 1696 9,300 3rd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 1500/- 01 3,000,000 1st Prize
Prize Bond RS. 1500/- 03 1,000,000 2nd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 1500/- 1696 18,500 3rd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 7500/- 01 15,000,000 1st Prize
Prize Bond RS. 7500/- 03 5,000,000 2nd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 7500/- 1696 93,000 3rd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 15000/- 01 30,000,000 1st Prize
Prize Bond RS. 15000/- 03 10,000,000 2nd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 15000/- 1696 185,000 3rd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 25000/- 01 50,000,000 1st Prize
Prize Bond RS. 25000/- 03 15,000,000 2nd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 25000/- 1696 312,000 3rd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 40000/- 01 75,000,000 1st Prize
Prize Bond RS. 40000/- 03 25,000,000 2nd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 40000/- 1696 500,000 3rd Prize

Prize Bond Schedule 2020 - 2021

Note: All Prize Bond Schedules are regularly updated on this Page.

A Prize Bond is a lottery bond, a non-interest bearing security issued on behalf of the Minister for Finance by the Prize Bond Company Limited. Prize Bonds in Pakistan are also offered by the Ministry of Finance of the country. The concept of prize bond in Pakistan incepted back in 1960 and since then, it is regarded as a gold investment and bearer security.

Many say there is no elevator to success and that no man can become a rich person overnight. They say it wrong. A person can become rich overnight and accede to the elevator of success with the Prize bond. However, no man on earth can become wise enough to learn how to sustain his newly rich bank account overnight. That is why luck is not sufficed, skills must walk along. Participating in the prize bond scheme is a lawful method to invest mindfully, safely and have chance a chance to win prized money in shortest span of time.

Prize bond scheme play hard as a premium chance to fulfill one’s dreams and desired fortune. They make one win a truly massive amount of money prize which can make him/her rich in a matter of minutes.

Are you willing to earn money overnight? If yes, then Prize Bond is the best way to do so. All you need is the knowledge of sustaining your bank account after winning the lottery. Entering into Prize Bond is the only legal method to make money is a span as short as a minute and to change your fate.

Similar to currency notes, prize bond is a bearer instrument whose ownership belongs to the holder. Prize Bond scheme is regarded as gold investment. Prize Bond is actually a lawful method of earning money and for becoming rich overnight. It can be a golden chance to fulfill one’s dreams. It is a bearer type of security available in denominations of 100 PKR Prize Bond, 200 PKR Prize Bond, 750 PKR Prize Bond, 1500 PKR Prize Bond, 7500 PKR Prize Bond, 15000 PKR Prize Bond, 25000 PKR Prize Bond, and 40000 PKR Premium Prize Bond respectively.

These entire prize bonds are issued in a proper sequence and each series comprise of one less than 1,000,000 bonds. The prize bond lucky draw is held on quarterly basis under a common draw method, with same number of prizes for each series. For instance, if the 50 series of Rs. 100 Prize Bond is in circulation and on each draw we have 50 winners of 1st prize and 150 for next one and so on. Many prize bond holders have different types of National Saving Prize Bonds. Prize Bond scheme offers various investment options which is regarded as a better option than forex investment, however it is ignored in terms of increasing profit rates.

In order to claim the prize money on successfully winning the prize bond, the owner has to fill a form and submit along with photocopy of valid CNIC, original winning prize bond duly signed by applicant, and photo copy of the prize winning bond duly signed by the applicant.

Prize Bonds are initially checked at field offices by the counter staff, in case of doubt, it is sent to PSPC. In case of huge prize money, the winning prize bonds worth one million and above are sent to PSPC.

Prize Bond Schedule 2020 - 2021 is the best place to check your results instantly. Prize Bond Draw Schedule List 2021 is updated online for visitors across Pakistan. The list shows the dates of lucky draw from January 2020 to December 2020. The Prize Bond Schedule List 2020 shows the details about all the denomination prize bond, date of result, day, and city where it is held. Different prize bonds lucky draw are held in various cities.

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750. Waly bond open hongyn
By: Ahmed on Tue 05 Jan, 2021
Good scheme for persons having White Money.
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Change system. Only purchasing P. Bonds by Banks and Saving Centers. No purchasing by Dealers. Only possible, if Bonds purchasing is by Names,
By: Gulzar Ahmed. on Sun 03 Jan, 2021
Govt. should add new facilities. In prize bond scheme. In year 2021.
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asalamualikum. 25000 bond kiya withdraw hoga next years me.
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More facilities may be Awarded to public .To increase Investment.
By: Gulzar Ahmed on Thu 17 Dec, 2020
Purchase in series. Never Broken. Purchase only with Surplus money. Don’t make it public. Even with your close and Relatives. Trust in God.
By: Gulzar Ahmed on Wed 16 Dec, 2020
All P.Bonds should be purchased by Names. If it is announced by Govt, Black money will be controlled. Good Job.
By: Gulzar Ahmed on Tue 15 Dec, 2020
I have purchased a price bond
By: Salman on Tue 15 Dec, 2020
Please tell, the last date to Register P. Bonds. And new procedures, how to manage P. Bonds already purchased.
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This prize bond schedule is so amazing as we can get information about all upcoming prize bonds.
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This Prize bond draw schedule 2020 page offers great source of information. We can simply check the schedule of all upcoming draws.
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100sy 500 tak prize bond mai kitny niklige plzz koi btaskta hai
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GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN SE REQUEST HA K WO Rs 500 Rs ka prize bond bhi jari karden tau kafi logon ka bhala ho sakta hai jo log 750 wala prize bond na le sakte hon un ko bhi kafi asani ho jaye gi. jo k 1000 Rs mai 2 prize bond and 5000 Rs mai asani se 10 prize bond le sakta hai.
By: Shan on Sat 10 Oct, 2020
Ma Naye 100 walla AUr 200 walla khadrina hai bond
By: Israr on Mon 21 Sep, 2020
Iam not lucky.. Man n kabhi bhi prize bond nai nikla itne years s
By: Salman on Tue 15 Sep, 2020
GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN SE REQUEST HA K WO Rs.40,000/- k Prize Bond ki replacement main worth of Prize Bond Rs.10,000/- jis ka 1st Prize Rs.20,000,000, 2nd Prize Rs.6,000,000 and 3rd Prize Rs.125,000 ka ager jari ker diya jae to bohat he behater hoga jis ki result dates Rs.40,000/- wali 1st March, 1st June, 1st September and 1st December ho koi month result ka without nahi ho Inshallah
By: Kh. M. Amin on Thu 20 Aug, 2020
i got a two times prize bond. so i am very lucky
By: khan on Wed 19 Aug, 2020
Information procedure is very good
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Good information. Good scheme. No fraud. No risk.
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By: rubaab on Thu 16 Apr, 2020
Buy two prize bond 750
By: Mian Wasim on Mon 13 Apr, 2020
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Prize bond is a best way to invest money and become a rich overnight because everything is possible in the world. Believe on Allah and wait for your luck.
By: M.Shahzad Tariq Arain on Fri 13 Mar, 2020
Govt.should provide facility to the Public by State Bank Branches to purchase as many P.Bonds as they want to Invest.
By: M.Gulzar on Tue 10 Mar, 2020
can the web miss any wiining number
By: Rashid Zia on Sun 09 Feb, 2020
The Public want to invest. But State Bank Issue only one P. Bond of Rs 15000/ .Why.
By: M. Gulzar. on Thu 23 Jan, 2020
Erum Saleem. Tips to win Prizes. Invest in Bonds only Extra money instead to put in Bank Accounts. Always purchase in continuous numbers. Never broken even If you buy Two. If possible buy p.bonds Denominations Rs 200, Rs 750, Rs 1500 and so on At least. One pocket Each in Series. Don’t disclose you’re Investment and Prize to any body even to your close persons. Trust in Luck. With good wishes.
By: M. Gulzar on Sat 28 Dec, 2019
State Bank of Pakistan. Very good change for claiming winning prizes by Bank Credit.
By: Gulzar Ahmed on Tue 24 Dec, 2019
Mujhe b prize jeetna h but how please send me all procedure
By: Erum saleem on Sun 01 Dec, 2019
It is one of the Unique ,best Investment scheme by the Government.
By: Gulzar on Sun 24 Nov, 2019
Luck and some technique to win a prize. Buy in continuous numbers, not broke .Even if you buy 2 bonds. Put savings in, instead in Banks. Apply Secreacy from your friends and close friends. Thanks.
By: Gulzar on Thu 07 Nov, 2019
is there any reality about prize bond draw ?
By: rao zahid on Tue 05 Nov, 2019

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