Surah Fatiha

سورة الفاتحة

Para / Chapter
1 (Surah Al-Fatiha)
Shaikh Abd-ur Rahman As-Sudais & Shaikh Su'ood As-Shuraim
بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ

اَلۡحَمۡدُ لِلّٰهِ رَبِّ الۡعٰلَمِيۡنَۙ‏ ﴿۱﴾ الرَّحۡمٰنِ الرَّحِيۡمِۙ‏ ﴿۲﴾ مٰلِكِ يَوۡمِ الدِّيۡنِؕ‏ ﴿۳﴾ اِيَّاكَ نَعۡبُدُ وَاِيَّاكَ نَسۡتَعِيۡنُؕ‏ ﴿۴﴾ اِهۡدِنَا الصِّرَاطَ الۡمُسۡتَقِيۡمَۙ‏ ﴿۵﴾ صِرَاطَ الَّذِيۡنَ اَنۡعَمۡتَ عَلَيۡهِمۡ ۙ‏ غَيۡرِ الۡمَغۡضُوۡبِ عَلَيۡهِمۡ وَلَا الضَّآلِّيۡنَ‏ ﴿۶


Surah Fatiha Arabic

Listen Surah Fatiha in Arabic Mp3 format and read Holy Quran Surah with audio Arabic text at Find Surah Fatiha in Arabic Mp3 recited by Shaikh Abd-ur Rahman As-Sudais & Shaikh Su'ood As-Shuraim, You can play this Arabic audio and also download in mp3 format for computer and mobile devices. Listen Surah Fatiha in Arabic mp3 Audio with complete ayaats and tilawat in beautiful voices. This page also help to learn Quran in an easy way as you can read online Quran and listen both at same time.

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This is the very good way for listening the tilawat of the surah Fatiha easily that I listen that after lots of finding another ways

tooba, Karachi Mon 05 Nov, 2018

I want to download Quran so that I can read offline, as well, but could not find a link here. Kindly guide.

Zahid Mahmood, Islamabad Mon 23 Jul, 2018

MashshAllah . Nice

Mohammad Liaquat, Bahawalpur Sun 06 May, 2018

Plz tell this arabic font name !!

Mohsin , Aurangabd Sat 08 Jul, 2017

its great work

rehan, patna Thu 01 Jun, 2017

I am glad to access the audio of Surah Fatiha in Arabic online on this page. I can make my little son listen to Surah Fatiha online while riding him to school every morning. This way he will learn.

Zunairah, Karachi Fri 12 May, 2017