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Surah Waqiah is the 56 Surah in Quran and found in Parah 27 with total of 96 verses. Surah Waqiah read online & listen audio mp3 in the voice of Abd-Ur Rahman As-Sudais and Suood As-Shuraim. It is a Makki Surah revealed in Makkah. Surah Waqiah read online with Urdu and English translations.


Para: 27 | Voice: Abd-ur Rahman As-Sudais & Su'ood As-Shuraim

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Surah Waqiah in Arabic

This Surah Waqiah s the 56th Surah of the Quran located in the para 27. It has 96 verses and 3 rukus, its Makki Surah present to Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) 7 years before Migration. The other name of Surah is “The Inevitable” or “the event”. This Surah of the Quran mostly highlights the events related to the Day of Judgment. It is one of the most recited Surah of the Quran Kareem because Allah’s last Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) said “He who recites Surah Waqiah every night, poverty or need will never trouble him”.

Surah Waqiah Read Online

In this digital age, accessing religious texts has become simpler than ever. With just a few clicks, you can embark on a spiritual journey by Surah Waqiah read online. Dive into the verses and let the wisdom unfold, bringing tranquility to your soul.

Listen to Surah Waqiah Online

For those who prefer an auditory experience, Surah Waqiah online audio is available. The soul-soothing recitations by renowned Qaris such as Abd-Ur Rahman As-Sudais and Suood As-Shuraim add a divine touch to your spiritual exploration. Immerse yourself in the melodic recitation, allowing the verses to resonate in your heart.

Surah Waqiah Audio

Surah Waqiah audio and its read online versions open a gateway to spiritual serenity. Dive into the teachings, feel the resonance of the verses, and let the divine wisdom guide your journey. With easy accessibility and multilingual options, unlocking the blessings of Surah Waqiah is now within your reach.

Surah Waqiah with Translations

Understanding the profound meanings of Surah Waqiah is essential. That's why you can find online versions that provide translations of Surah Waqiah in Urdu and English. Whether you're fluent in these languages or seeking a deeper comprehension, the translations enrich your connection with the sacred text.

Surah Waqiah Benefits

Surah Al-Waqiah is believed by many Muslims to offer spiritual and worldly benefits. Regular recitation is thought to bring blessings, increase wealth, and protect from financial difficulties. It's believed to grant intercession on the Day of Judgment, with the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) advocating for believers. The surah is also seen as a means to seek forgiveness for sins and attain ease in the afterlife, providing comfort in the grave and on the Day of Judgment. While these beliefs are rooted in tradition and personal experiences, the primary goal remains seeking closeness to Allah and adhering to Islamic teachings.

How can I connect with Surah Waqiah anytime, anywhere?

Thanks to the power of technology, you can read and listen to Surah Waqiah online from any device, whether you're at home, commuting, or taking a break at work.

What are the benefits of reading or listeningg to Surah Waqiah?

Surah Waqiah is believed to bring about spiritual serenity, guidance, and blessings. It is a powerful reminder of the Day of Judgment and the importance of living a righteous life.

Reviews & Comments

Mashallah subhanallah

  • Sajid khan, Kulalumpur
  • Sat 28 Jan, 2023

There is no illness or discomfort that the Quran cannot cure, whether it is physical, mental, or spiritual. You can receive the Shifaa of known and unknowable discomforts by reciting the Quran.

  • Irfan, Chicago
  • Fri 11 Nov, 2022

Surah Waqiah is all about finance and monetary. The biggest benefits of the Surah is its protection from getting the person being poor. By reading the surah one can get the financial stability in their life.

  • Zaheer , Ahmedabad
  • Thu 27 Oct, 2022

Some of the great options available on the page regarding Surah available in Arabic, Urdu, English Translation and in PDF. These extensive options are easy to use and easily accessible.

  • Abdel, Khanewal
  • Sat 16 Jul, 2022

All the surahs in the Quran serves a purpose for the Muslims to be followed. Surah Waqiah protects one from poverty and starvation. Reading surah every day can protect us.

  • Huda , Adelaide
  • Thu 14 Jul, 2022