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Canada Prayer Timings - Today Accurate Prayer Timings of Canada, detail Salah schedule & timetable. All cities Fajr time in Canada, Dhuhur, Asr time in Canada, Maghrib time & Isha timing with customize option of prayer times calculation methods & juristic methods. Canada cities Prayer Times with Qibla direction and complete guidance for your Namaz.

City Fajar Dhuhur Asr Maghrib Isha
Calgary 6:33 am 1:22 pm 4:05 pm 6:38 pm 8:09 pm
Edmonton 6:29 am 1:19 pm 3:57 pm 6:32 pm 8:08 pm
Vancouver 6:08 am 12:58 pm 3:47 pm 6:19 pm 7:47 pm
Winnipeg 6:25 am 1:14 pm 4:00 pm 6:33 pm 8:01 pm
Mississauga 6:17 am 1:04 pm 4:03 pm 6:31 pm 7:50 pm
North York 6:16 am 1:03 pm 4:01 pm 6:30 pm 7:49 pm
Ottawa 6:01 am 12:48 pm 3:44 pm 6:13 pm 7:35 pm
Toronto 6:16 am 1:03 pm 4:01 pm 6:30 pm 7:49 pm
Montreal 5:52 am 12:40 pm 3:35 pm 6:05 pm 7:26 pm
Quebec 5:42 am 12:30 pm 3:23 pm 5:54 pm 7:17 pm

Canada Prayer Timings (Top Cities)

• Toronto • Fort Mackay
• Winnipeg • Ottawa
• Edmonton • Quebec
• North Vancouver • Kitchener
• Calgary • Fort Mcmurray
• Brampton • Surrey
• Mississauga • Oakville
• Montreal • Leduc
• Regina • Halifax
• Saskatoon • Sydney

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Ottawa Prayer Times

Here in canada we don't have Azaan on loudspeakers or something to intimidate us about the prayer timing. i find this site quite useful and shared with all my household to check it whenever they want to know the prayer timing.

Shahdad, Ottawa Mon 28 Jun, 2021
Toronto Prayer Times

It's near to impossible to know the prayer time on my own here in Toronto, specially when i am at work . . . So i check this site everyday to keep posted about the prayer timings.

Irfan, Toronto Mon 28 Jun, 2021
Brampton Prayer Times

I have a little bit confusion about the exact time of prayer in my city Brampton. However, this website has a updated schedule of all five prayers.

Humayun, Brampton Mon 31 May, 2021
Mississauga Prayer Times

I was looking for a website where I can find the prayer time of Mississauga. However, this website just solved my problem.

Rashid, Mississauga Mon 31 May, 2021
Fort Mcmurray Prayer Times

Fort Mcmurray is so small both in terms of area and population. The worship options are limited for Muslims. I often use this website to find the prayer timing.

Adeel, Fort Mcmurray Sat 26 Dec, 2020
Saskatoon Prayer Times

Saskatoon is the largest city of Saskatchewan that is regarded among the important Canadian provinces. Whenevrr I visit Saskatoon, I use this website to check prayer time.

Haneef, Saskatoon Sat 26 Dec, 2020
Regina Prayer Times

Muslims are in minority in Regina. I was facing difficulty to check the prayer time. This website just solved my problem.

Sarmad, Regina Sat 26 Dec, 2020
Surrey Prayer Times

Immigrant Muslims from different countries are residing in Surrey. It is great that the information about prayer time is present here.

Saad, Surrey Sat 26 Dec, 2020
Winnipeg Prayer Times

From the last three years, I am living in Winnipeg and use this website to find accurate prayer timing schedule.

Nusrat, Winnipeg Sat 26 Dec, 2020
Brampton Prayer Times

I was not sure about the fajar time in Brampton and this website helped me a lot to find the prayer time.

Danish, Brampton Sat 26 Dec, 2020