Canada Prayer Timings

Canada Prayer Timings 2020 - Find today Accurate Namaz Timings of Canada, Find detail Salaat Schedule & Timetable. Get Fajar (Fajr) timing in Canada, Dhuhur, Asr time in Canada, Maghrib timing in Canada & Isha timing in Canada Namaz timing with customize option of Prayer Times Calculation Methods & Juristic Methods. Find Nimaz ke Awqat with Qibla direction for proper guidance for your Namaz.

City Fajar Dhuhur Asr Maghrib Isha
Calgary 3:39 am 1:42 pm 6:01 pm 9:48 pm 11:45 pm
Edmonton 3:29 am 1:40 pm 6:03 pm 9:59 pm 11:49 pm
Vancouver 3:19 am 1:18 pm 5:33 pm 9:16 pm 11:17 pm
Winnipeg 3:34 am 1:34 pm 5:51 pm 9:35 pm 11:34 pm
Mississauga 4:03 am 1:24 pm 5:29 pm 9:00 pm 10:45 pm
North York 4:00 am 1:23 pm 5:28 pm 8:59 pm 10:45 pm
Ottawa 3:33 am 1:08 pm 5:16 pm 8:51 pm 10:43 pm
Toronto 4:01 am 1:23 pm 5:28 pm 8:59 pm 10:45 pm
Montreal 3:24 am 1:00 pm 5:08 pm 8:42 pm 10:36 pm
Quebec 3:02 am 12:50 pm 5:01 pm 8:38 pm 10:38 pm

Canada Prayer Timings (Top Cities)

• Toronto • Fort Mackay
• Winnipeg • Ottawa
• Edmonton • Kitchener
• North Vancouver • Quebec
• Calgary • Oakville
• Brampton • Surrey
• Mississauga • Fort Mcmurray
• Montreal • Leduc
• Regina • Halifax
• Saskatoon • Red Deer

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Calgary Prayer Times

Calgary prayer timings offer great assistance to me. Every time, I visit this website whenever I want to check Salat times.

Kazim, Calgary Thu 09 Jul, 2020
Ottawa Prayer Times

I reside with my family in Ottawa. However, I and my family members often visit this website to check the Ottawa prayer timings.

Najam, Ottawa Thu 09 Jul, 2020
Winnipeg Prayer Times

With the help of accurate Winnipeg prayer timings, I can easily perform all prayers accordingly.

Nazim, Winnipeg Thu 09 Jul, 2020
Montreal Prayer Times

Now, I do not face any difficulty in finding accurate Montreal prayer timings as Hamariweb just solved my problem.

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Toronto Prayer Times

The mosque is too far from my home and it is a reason that I always follow this Toronto prayer times page for accurate salat times.

Nadeem, Toronto Thu 09 Jul, 2020
Edmonton Prayer Times

I was in the dire need of accurate Edmonton prayer timings and this website just sorted out my problem. If anyone of you is living in Edmonton then he/she can check namaz timing from this page.

kazmi, Edmonton6 Mon 06 Jul, 2020
Calgary Prayer Times

I am very happy to see all the information on this website accurately regarding the Calgary prayer times, it's very helpful to pray on time.

naila, Calgary Fri 26 Jun, 2020
Ottawa Prayer Times

When I'm not at home or traveling, I usually offer a great opportunity for one of my prayer times. I need to apply online for office checking. This Ottawa named timing page for me meets the surprisingly positive turn of events. May Allah reward you

mujtaba, Ottawa Fri 26 Jun, 2020
Winnipeg Prayer Times

جب مجھے ونپیک میں شفٹ کردیا گیا تو ، مجھے صلات کے اوقات کے بارے میں یقین نہیں تھا۔ اب ، میں WINNIPEG کی نماز کے اوقات دیکھنے کے لئے باقاعدگی سے ہماریویب جاتا ہوں۔

zaheer, Winnipeg Fri 26 Jun, 2020
Montreal Prayer Times

مونٹریال کا صحیح نماز کا وقت وہاں دستیاب ہے لہذا آپ آسانی سے وہاں سے فائدہ اٹھا سکتے ہیں .. میں آسانی سے اپنے شہر کے بارے میں صحیح معلومات حاصل کرسکتا ہوں

ali, Montreal Fri 26 Jun, 2020