Winnipeg Prayer Times

May 16, 2022 - Today Winnipeg prayer timings for Muslims to perform their prayers are as Fajr Time 3:04 AM, Dhuhr 1:25 PM, Asr 5:36 PM, Maghrib Time 9:09 PM & Isha 10:39 PM. Today's Winnipeg prayer time is based on Islamic Date as 15 Shawwal 1443, there are also available 7 days and 30 days Winnipeg salah or namaz times for the convenience of all Muslims.

Prayer Time in Winnipeg - Canada

Fajr 3:04 AM
Sunrise 5:42 AM
Dhuhr 1:25 PM
Asr 5:36 PM
Maghrib 9:09 PM
Isha 10:39 PM
Based on: Umm al-Qura, Makkah | Shafii change
Winnipeg Ramadan Time
Next 30 Days
Date Fajr Sunrise Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha
May 15 3:04 AM 5:43 AM 1:25 PM 5:35 PM 9:08 PM 10:38 PM
May 16 3:04 AM 5:42 AM 1:25 PM 5:36 PM 9:09 PM 10:39 PM
May 17 3:03 AM 5:40 AM 1:25 PM 5:36 PM 9:11 PM 10:41 PM
May 18 3:03 AM 5:39 AM 1:25 PM 5:37 PM 9:12 PM 10:42 PM
May 19 3:02 AM 5:38 AM 1:25 PM 5:37 PM 9:13 PM 10:43 PM
May 20 3:02 AM 5:36 AM 1:25 PM 5:38 PM 9:15 PM 10:45 PM
May 21 3:01 AM 5:35 AM 1:25 PM 5:38 PM 9:16 PM 10:46 PM
May 22 3:01 AM 5:34 AM 1:25 PM 5:39 PM 9:17 PM 10:47 PM
May 23 3:01 AM 5:33 AM 1:25 PM 5:39 PM 9:18 PM 10:48 PM
May 24 3:00 AM 5:32 AM 1:26 PM 5:40 PM 9:20 PM 10:50 PM
May 25 3:00 AM 5:31 AM 1:26 PM 5:40 PM 9:21 PM 10:51 PM
May 26 3:00 AM 5:30 AM 1:26 PM 5:41 PM 9:22 PM 10:52 PM
May 27 2:59 AM 5:29 AM 1:26 PM 5:41 PM 9:23 PM 10:53 PM
May 28 2:59 AM 5:28 AM 1:26 PM 5:41 PM 9:24 PM 10:54 PM
May 29 2:59 AM 5:27 AM 1:26 PM 5:42 PM 9:25 PM 10:55 PM
May 30 2:58 AM 5:26 AM 1:26 PM 5:42 PM 9:27 PM 10:57 PM
May 31 2:58 AM 5:26 AM 1:26 PM 5:43 PM 9:28 PM 10:58 PM
Jun 01 2:58 AM 5:25 AM 1:27 PM 5:43 PM 9:29 PM 10:59 PM
Jun 02 2:58 AM 5:24 AM 1:27 PM 5:44 PM 9:30 PM 11:00 PM
Jun 03 2:58 AM 5:24 AM 1:27 PM 5:44 PM 9:31 PM 11:01 PM
Jun 04 2:58 AM 5:23 AM 1:27 PM 5:45 PM 9:31 PM 11:01 PM
Jun 05 2:58 AM 5:22 AM 1:27 PM 5:45 PM 9:32 PM 11:02 PM
Jun 06 2:57 AM 5:22 AM 1:27 PM 5:45 PM 9:33 PM 11:03 PM
Jun 07 2:57 AM 5:21 AM 1:28 PM 5:46 PM 9:34 PM 11:04 PM
Jun 08 2:57 AM 5:21 AM 1:28 PM 5:46 PM 9:35 PM 11:05 PM
Jun 09 2:57 AM 5:21 AM 1:28 PM 5:46 PM 9:36 PM 11:06 PM
Jun 10 2:57 AM 5:20 AM 1:28 PM 5:47 PM 9:36 PM 11:06 PM
Jun 11 2:57 AM 5:20 AM 1:28 PM 5:47 PM 9:37 PM 11:07 PM
Jun 12 2:57 AM 5:20 AM 1:29 PM 5:48 PM 9:38 PM 11:08 PM

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Calculation Methods Latitude /  Longitude: Juristic Methods
Umm al-Qura, Makkah 49.8833 / -97.1667 Shafii (Method & Fiqah)
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Winnipeg Prayer Times – For today 16 May 2022, Winnipeg Namaz Timings are Fajr 3:04 AM, Dhuhr 1:25 PM, Asr 5:36 PM, Maghrib 9:09 PM & Isha 10:39 PM. The city azan, salat schedule & 7 days time table is also provided. Daily Fajar (Fajr) timing in Winnipeg, Dhuhur time, Asr time in Winnipeg, Maghrib Winnipeg prayer times & Isha Winnipeg Namaz timing are available. Today's 15 Shawwal 1443 Winnipeg namaz timing with next 7 days Schedule from 16 May, 2022 to 22 May, 2022 with customizable prayer time calculation methods to calculate the proper time for your prayer. On other hand, you may also read Winnipeg zawal time updates with complete start and end time details.

Today Winnipeg Sun Set time or Iftar Time in Winnipeg is 5:42 AM and Dawn break Time or the end of Sehri Time in Winnipeg is 3:04 AM. Along with Winnipeg Prayers times you can also read the Winnipeg Sehri and Iftar time for Fiqa Hanafi (sunni) or Winnipeg Sehri and Iftar time for Fiqa Jafria (shia).

Prayer Timing Customization
By using this option you can change or adjust timing according to your country's prayer calculation methods. These timings are available for all Sunni schools of thought including Hanafi, Shafi, Maliki, and Hanbali.

You may also find here makrooh time updates including Winnipeg zawal time with complete details start and end time.

Winnipeg Sun Set time that is also called Iftar Time in Winnipeg is 9:10 PM and Dawn break Time that is also end of Sehri Time in Winnipeg at 3:03 AM. Sehri and Iftar time is also called Ramadan Time during the month of Ramadan.

Winnipeg is the capital city of province Manitoba, Canada. It’s the seventh-largest city of Canada with a population of 705,244 inhabitants. Winnipeg is a railroad and transportation center point with a differentiated economy. The 68% population of the city belongs to the Christian community which makes them a major religious community of the Winnipeg whereas only 1.3% of inhabitants have belonged to the Muslim community. Muslims are count in the minority community of the city because they are very less in numbers but for that 1.8%, Muslims Winnipeg prayer times are much important.

Which Mosques are famous in Winnipeg and follow the Winnipeg prayer times?
Muslim in Winnipeg is considered as the Minority community so to address the issue of their prayers on Winnipeg prayer times and for religious education, numerous mosques manufactured and now functioning according to the Winnipeg prayer times. Other than performing Salah on Winnipeg local prayer timings they additionally offer different types of assistance like orchestrating addresses on various subjects of Islam, class, and different religious exercises to advance educating Islam. The mosques of Winnipeg following the Winnipeg petition timings are given underneath

Winnipeg Central Mosque
Winnipeg central mosque is a service center which is serving the local Muslim community since 2004. The mosque is open for daily five time prayers as per Winnipeg prayer times and every Friday Jumma prayers on Winnipeg local prayer timings. They also provide other social and religious event facilities for Muslims. And the management of the mosque is willingly added their part in spreading education and religious information in the community.
The Winnipeg Central Mosque fills in as a place for a multilingual, multicultural and multiethnic network of both recent and establishment workers, understudies, and second, third and fourth era Canadian Muslims.

Manitoba Islamic Association Grand Mosque
The Manitoba Grand Mosque is a mosque which works under the Manitoba Islamic Association. They work to provide an opportunity for local Muslims to practice their faith and perform their regular prayer of 5 times a day on Winnipeg prayer times. They also arrange Friday prayers as per Winnipeg local prayer timings. The mosque offers instructive projects for youngsters and families, altruistic assistance to the individuals who are in need, and social projects.

Pioneer Mosque
It is a small mosque in the vicinity of Winnipeg which is also run by the Manitoba Islamic Association. They have a little space for worshippers but they provide the facility for local Muslim people so they can come and perform their daily prayers on Winnipeg prayer times. Friday prayers are also arranged by the management of Mosque as per Winnipeg local prayer timings. Except for prayer they also put their part in organizing a social gathering of Dikhar, Milad, and many on different Islamic events. The mosque also spread the information and knowledge related to religion so people get aware and follow the teaching of Islam.

What is 5 Prayer Times in Winnipeg Today?

Today Five Prayer (Salah) Times in Winnipeg are as follow:
1- Fajr Time in Winnipeg: 3:04 AM
2- Zuhr Time in Winnipeg: 1:25 PM
3- Asr Time in Winnipeg: 5:36 PM
4- Maghrib Time in Winnipeg: 9:09 PM
5- Isha Time in Winnipeg: 10:39 PM

Q: What is Fajr time in Winnipeg?

A: Fajr Time in Winnipeg is at 3:04 AM. Fajr consists of 4 Rakats as 2 Farz and 2 Sunnah. Fajr Prayer time begins at the dawn time 3:04 AM and remains until the sun rises. Today Fajr time in Winnipeg ends at sunrise 5:42 AM.

Q: What time is Ishraq in Winnipeg?

A: Ishraq Namaz Timing in Winnipeg today starts at 05:57 AM and the end time is 09:33 AM.

Q: What is Zuhr Time in Winnipeg?

A: Zuhr Time in Winnipeg is at 1:25 PM. Zuhr Salah consists of 12 Rakat and includes 4 Sunnah, 4 Farz, 2 Sunnah, and 2 nafl. Zuhr Namaz time starts after zawal time ends, at 1:25 PM and ends before asr time in Winnipeg at 5:36 PM.

Q: What is Asr time in Winnipeg?

A: It's an afternoon prayer consisting of 8 Rakat as total as 4 Sunnat and 4 Farz. Today Asr time starts at 5:36 PM and ends before Magrib time in Winnipeg at 9:09 PM.

Q: What time is Maghrib in Winnipeg?

A: Maghrib Time in Winnipeg is at 9:09 PM. It's a sunset prayer consisting of 7 Rakat: 3 Farz, 2 Sunnat, and 2 Nafl. Today Maghrib time starts at 9:09 PM and ends before Isha time in Winnipeg at 10:39 PM.

Q: What is Isha Time in Winnipeg?

A: It's a night prayer consisting of 17 Rakat: 4 Sunnah, 4 Fard, 2 Sunnah, 2 Nafl, 3 Witr, and 2 Nafl. Today Isha Namaz time starts at 10:39 PM and ends before Fajr time in Winnipeg at 3:04 AM.

Comments: Winnipeg Prayer Times

I'am enjoying my prayer life so much that is difficult to express in words. I was not a regular prayer, but when I started I had difficulties but now Its been more than 4 years that I have not quit prayers. I feel so light and good.

  • Kumail, Winnipeg
  • Tue 10 May, 2022

Muslims can be energised by prayers, which can help them cope with stress and emotions of danger. It supplies Muslims with spiritual energy that allows them to feel closer to the divine while also protecting them from loneliness and isolation.

  • Kamran, Winnipeg
  • Tue 02 Nov, 2021

From the last three years, I am living in Winnipeg and use this website to find accurate prayer timing schedule.

  • Nusrat, Winnipeg
  • Sat 26 Dec, 2020

With the help of accurate Winnipeg prayer timings, I can easily perform all prayers accordingly.

  • Nazim, Winnipeg
  • Thu 09 Jul, 2020

جب مجھے ونپیک میں شفٹ کردیا گیا تو ، مجھے صلات کے اوقات کے بارے میں یقین نہیں تھا۔ اب ، میں WINNIPEG کی نماز کے اوقات دیکھنے کے لئے باقاعدگی سے ہماریویب جاتا ہوں۔

  • zaheer, Winnipeg
  • Fri 26 Jun, 2020