Edmonton Prayer Times

Jun 17, 2024 Today Edmonton prayer times are Fajr Time 3:20 AM, Dhuhr Time 1:35 PM, Asr Time 6:02 PM, Maghrib Time 10:07 PM & Isha Time 11:51 PM. Today's Edmonton prayer times are based on the Islamic Date of 12 Dhul-Hijjah 1445. Schedule for 7 days and 30 days for Edmonton salah or namaz times available for the convenience of all Muslims.

Prayer Time in Edmonton, Canada

Fajr Sunrise Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha
3:20 AM 5:04 AM 1:35 PM 6:02 PM 10:07 PM 11:51 PM
Based on: Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) | Shafii change
Edmonton Sehri & Iftar Time

Next 30 Days Edmonton Prayer Times

Date Fajr Sunrise Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha
Jun 17 3:20 AM 5:04 AM 1:35 PM 6:02 PM 10:06 PM 11:51 PM
Jun 18 3:20 AM 5:04 AM 1:35 PM 6:02 PM 10:07 PM 11:51 PM
Jun 19 3:20 AM 5:04 AM 1:36 PM 6:03 PM 10:07 PM 11:51 PM
Jun 20 3:20 AM 5:04 AM 1:36 PM 6:03 PM 10:07 PM 11:51 PM
Jun 21 3:20 AM 5:05 AM 1:36 PM 6:03 PM 10:07 PM 11:52 PM
Jun 22 3:21 AM 5:05 AM 1:36 PM 6:03 PM 10:08 PM 11:52 PM
Jun 23 3:21 AM 5:05 AM 1:36 PM 6:03 PM 10:08 PM 11:52 PM
Jun 24 3:21 AM 5:06 AM 1:37 PM 6:04 PM 10:08 PM 11:52 PM
Jun 25 3:21 AM 5:06 AM 1:37 PM 6:04 PM 10:08 PM 11:52 PM
Jun 26 3:22 AM 5:07 AM 1:37 PM 6:04 PM 10:07 PM 11:52 PM
Jun 27 3:22 AM 5:07 AM 1:37 PM 6:04 PM 10:07 PM 11:52 PM
Jun 28 3:23 AM 5:08 AM 1:37 PM 6:04 PM 10:07 PM 11:52 PM
Jun 29 3:23 AM 5:08 AM 1:38 PM 6:04 PM 10:07 PM 11:52 PM
Jun 30 3:23 AM 5:09 AM 1:38 PM 6:04 PM 10:06 PM 11:52 PM
Jul 01 3:24 AM 5:10 AM 1:38 PM 6:04 PM 10:06 PM 11:52 PM
Jul 02 3:24 AM 5:11 AM 1:38 PM 6:04 PM 10:06 PM 11:52 PM
Jul 03 3:25 AM 5:11 AM 1:38 PM 6:04 PM 10:05 PM 11:52 PM
Jul 04 3:25 AM 5:12 AM 1:39 PM 6:04 PM 10:04 PM 11:51 PM
Jul 05 3:26 AM 5:13 AM 1:39 PM 6:04 PM 10:04 PM 11:51 PM
Jul 06 3:26 AM 5:14 AM 1:39 PM 6:04 PM 10:03 PM 11:51 PM
Jul 07 3:27 AM 5:15 AM 1:39 PM 6:04 PM 10:02 PM 11:51 PM
Jul 08 3:28 AM 5:16 AM 1:39 PM 6:04 PM 10:02 PM 11:50 PM
Jul 09 3:28 AM 5:17 AM 1:39 PM 6:03 PM 10:01 PM 11:50 PM
Jul 10 3:29 AM 5:19 AM 1:40 PM 6:03 PM 10:00 PM 11:50 PM
Jul 11 3:30 AM 5:20 AM 1:40 PM 6:03 PM 9:59 PM 11:49 PM
Jul 12 3:30 AM 5:21 AM 1:40 PM 6:03 PM 9:58 PM 11:49 PM
Jul 13 3:31 AM 5:22 AM 1:40 PM 6:02 PM 9:57 PM 11:48 PM
Jul 14 3:32 AM 5:24 AM 1:40 PM 6:02 PM 9:56 PM 11:48 PM
Jul 15 3:32 AM 5:25 AM 1:40 PM 6:02 PM 9:55 PM 11:47 PM

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Calculation Methods Latitude /  Longitude: Juristic Methods
Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) 53.55 / -113.5 Shafii (Method & Fiqah)
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Today Prayer Times Edmonton, Canada

Today 18 Jun, 2024, Edmonton Namaz Timings are Fajr 3:20 AM, Dhuhr 1:35 PM, Asr 6:02 PM, Maghrib 10:07 PM & Isha 11:51 PM.

The city azan, salat schedule & 7 days time table is also provided. Daily Fajar (Fajr) timing in Edmonton, Dhuhur time, Asr time in Edmonton, Maghrib Edmonton prayer times & Isha Edmonton Namaz timing are available. Today's 12 Dhul-Hijjah 1445 Edmonton namaz timing with next 7 days Schedule from 18 Jun, 2024 to 24 Jun, 2024 with customizable prayer time calculation methods to calculate the proper time for your prayer. On other hand, you may also read Edmonton zawal time updates with complete start and end time details.

Today Edmonton Sun Set time or Iftar Time in Edmonton is 5:04 AM and Dawn break Time or the end of Sehri Time in Edmonton is 3:20 AM. Along with Edmonton Prayers times you can also read the Edmonton Sehri and Iftar time for Fiqa Hanafi (sunni) or Edmonton Sehri and Iftar time for Fiqa Jafria (shia).

Prayer Timing Customization
By using this option you can change or adjust timing according to your country's prayer calculation methods. These timings are available for all Sunni schools of thought including Hanafi, Shafi, Maliki, and Hanbali.

You may also find here makrooh time updates including Edmonton zawal time with complete details start and end time.

Edmonton Sun Set time that is also called Iftar Time in Edmonton is 10:08 PM and Dawn break Time that is also end of Sehri Time in Edmonton at 3:19 AM. Sehri and Iftar time is also called Ramadan Time during the month of Ramadan.

Edmonton Prayer Times – Edmonton has a total population of over 900,000 people. It is the capital city of Alberta, the province in Canada. The city has a total population of over 932,000. Christianity is the main religion as they are 60% of the total population. However, Muslims are in minority with just 2.9% population. The Muslims may be in minority but have many accessible mosques and are provided with a peaceful and welcoming environment to practice Islamic teachings and also spread the Islamic values while living or visiting there. There many guidance centers in the form of famous mosques and Muslim community centers.

Which are the famous mosques in Edmonton?
There are several worship places in Edmonton. Name of some famous mosques are provided below:

Masjid Quba
Masjid Quba is dedicated to holding a civil and peaceful environment it is managed by an open-minded community that is diversified and multi-racial, multi-lingual yet works on the involvement of everyone for the sake of teaching proper faith and coexisting with social acceptance of Muslim values at large basis. The Prayer timing for the Masjid are as follow:

MCE Mosque also known as The Muslim Community of Edmonton (MCE) Mosque evolved from the Muslim Students' Association (MSA) of the University in Alberta. The mosque was made when around sixty university students seeking prayer convenience came with the idea to build a prayer place which later became a center for the Muslim youth and an establishment where they could revise and also teach the Islamic values to the young Muslim community. The prayer timings for the Masjid are as follow:

Masjid Annoor
Masjid Annoor was formed when a group of committed, faithful Muslims realized the need for a Masjid in Southwest Edmonton for the easiness of the Muslim residents near the subdivision. However soon this became a community center that taught and revised the Quranic teachings and hadiths along with practicing in a committee with (shoora Council) in their mind. The timings for the prayers in the Masjid are as follow:

Prayer Times in Edmonton
On this page, you can find Salaat and Azan Schedule for Edmonton and also the timetable for 7 days. You can also find timing for all five prayers, Fajr, Dhuhur, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha. In addition, you can also find Qibla direction and Namaz timings with the customizable prayer time calculation methods. However, it will assist you to calculate the proper Namaz timing.

Muslim population of Edmonton can also utilize the accurate and authentic Edmonton prayer times schedule that is available online. For Muslims who would like to offer the pray five times in the city but are not familiar with the Edmonton prayer times, the schedule can also visit the online portal to get the information. People who do not have access to the nearest Mosque can also find out the correct Edmonton prayer times with the given schedule. Now, you can offer your prayers on time with the Edmonton prayer times schedule developed on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You can also bookmark the page on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. However, it will allow you to easily access prayer timings no matter what time it is or where you are currently. The Edmonton prayer times schedule is updated on a daily basis, that is why you can always find the authentic and latest prayer timings.

What are the available Edmonton prayer times calculation methods on this website?
Different methods are in progress for the calculation of prayer timings in Edmonton. You can select your desired method in settings for the personalized prayer timings.
• Egyptian General Authority of Survey
• Institute of Geophysics, University of Tehran
• Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)
• Ithna Ashari
• Muslim World League (MWL)
• Umm al-Qura, Makkah
• University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi

There is a difference of a minute or two that can be observed in their suburbs or nearby areas due to the bigger geographic area. However, this Edmonton Prayer timing schedule can be used by people living in different areas. The updated Edmonton Prayer timing is updated to assist people of all communities of Edmonton including Central Edmonton, Edmonton Mil Woods, Northeast Edmonton, Northwest Edmonton, Southeast Edmonton, Southwest Edmonton, and West Edmonton.

Edmonton Prayer Times Today

Prayer Time in Edmonton for Tuesday 18 Jun 2024 are:

  • Fajr Time in Edmonton: 3:20 AM
  • Zuhr Time in Edmonton: 1:35 PM
  • Asr Time in Edmonton: 6:02 PM
  • Maghrib Time in Edmonton: 10:07 PM
  • Isha Time in Edmonton: 11:51 PM
Q: What is Fajr time in Edmonton?

A: Fajr Time in Edmonton is at 3:20 AM. Fajr consists of 4 Rakats as 2 Farz and 2 Sunnah. Fajr Prayer time begins at the dawn time 3:20 AM and remains until the sun rises. Today Fajr time in Edmonton ends at sunrise 5:04 AM.

Q: What time is Ishraq in Edmonton?

A: Ishraq Namaz Timing in Edmonton today starts at 05:19 AM and the end time is 09:19 AM.

Q: What is Zuhr Time in Edmonton?

A: Zuhr Time in Edmonton is at 1:35 PM. Zuhr Salah consists of 12 Rakat and includes 4 Sunnah, 4 Farz, 2 Sunnah, and 2 nafl. Zuhr Namaz time starts after zawal time ends, at 1:35 PM and ends before asr time in Edmonton at 6:02 PM.

Q: What is Asr time in Edmonton?

A: It's an afternoon prayer consisting of 8 Rakat as total as 4 Sunnat and 4 Farz. Today Asr time starts at 6:02 PM and ends before Maghrib time in Edmonton at 10:07 PM.

Q: What time is Maghrib in Edmonton?

A: Maghrib Time in Edmonton is at 10:07 PM. It's a sunset prayer consisting of 7 Rakat: 3 Farz, 2 Sunnat, and 2 Nafl. Today Maghrib time starts at 10:07 PM and ends before Isha time in Edmonton at 11:51 PM.

Q: What is Isha Time in Edmonton?

A: It's a night prayer consisting of 17 Rakat: 4 Sunnah, 4 Fard, 2 Sunnah, 2 Nafl, 3 Witr, and 2 Nafl. Today Isha Namaz time starts at 11:51 PM and ends before Fajr time in Edmonton at 3:20 AM.

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I cant tackle wide range of irrelevant content and unnecessary fake articles. Every material provided here is free and relevant according to sources.

  • Anjum, Edmonton

Taste sweetness of prayer by Praying salah when you are mentally focused. Dont neglect the powers of Duas too and make it after every salah.

  • Iftikhar, Edmonton

Prayer, or salat, is the second most important act in Islam, after declaring faith in Allah and His Messenger. Prayer was regarded by the Prophet as one of the finest deeds and the cornerstone of Islam. The blessing of prayer is unfathomable, and there are numerous advantages to practising Islam.

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Muslims mostly gathers for prayers in jamaat that happens to be on friday.

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When you pray, you don't just recite words that you've learned; these words are not just phrases that need to be said out and repeated. The act of praying brings the body, mind, and soul into a state of communion with Allah. For this reason, Muslim prayer gestures correspond to the words of the prayer.

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