Ashab-e-Kahf Cave Location

If you want to know about the exact location of Ashab-e-Kahf cave location then just read this article.

Ashab-e-Kahf are the people who are associated with the incident that had took place after the enlighten divine of Hazrat Isa (A.S). The whole story of Ashab-e-Kahf is narrated in the eighteen chapter of Holy Quran.
According to the verses of the chapter, the story highly indicates that a group of Christian youngsters who newly accepted Islam were hiding in the cave in order to save themselves from the king’s violence. They made dua with Allah Subhahu-Wa-Tala in the cave and Allah gives those youngsters a deep sleep for 300 years.
Thereby, this sura is also known as “People of Cave”. This story is a magnificent example of trusting and believing in Allah, we shall put our trust on him and ask help from him he will surely ease our hardships.

Where is Ashab-e-Kahf Cave Located?
However, if you want to know about the Ashab-e-Kahf Cave Location so it is always a great topic of debate. Because every Ullemas and researchers had their own kind of research and findings regarding the Ashab-e-Kahf Cave Location. In some viewpoints, it is located in the city of Turkey, Ephesus. On contrary, others claim about Ashab-e-Kahf Cave Location that it is situated in Jordan, Syria or in Yemen on the basis of different narrations.
After various researches and evidence similar to the verses of Ashab-e-Kahf . It has been cleared by Rafiq Danjani (an arechelogist) and Muhammad Taysir Zibyan (Jordanian Reseacher) that the cave is located in seven miles towards the South direction of the city Amman in Jordan.

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