Surah Hud Benefits

The surah was named Surah Hud as verses 50 to 60 narrate the story of the Prophet Hud (Blessings Of Allah Be Upon Him) and Qaum e Aad. These verses are quoted as a source of Surah Hud ki fazilat. There are different Surah Hud benefits.

Surah Yunus Benefits

In the verse 98 of Surah Yunus, the story of the people of Prophet Yunus (Peace and Blessings of Allah Be upon Him) is narrated. Surah Yunus ki fazilat is that when they saw it, they believed and repented sincerely, so the torment was taken away from them. Due to this incident, this Surah was named "Surah Yunus".There are different Surah Yunus benefits.

Surah Taubah Benefits

There are more than ten names of this Surah which highlights Surah Taubah ki fazilat. Out of which, two two main names are Taubah and Baraat. Repentance is often mentioned in this Surah, so it is called Surah Taubah. On the other side, it is called Surah Baraat as in the first verse, acquittal is declared for some people. There are several Surah Taubah benefits.

Surah Anfal Benefits

Anfal is the plural of nafl and it means the spoils of war. The key thing about Surah Anfal ki fazilat is that the first verse of Surah Anfal has information about the answers of questions asked by Muslims about instructions regarding the spoils of war. Due to this reason, it is named as Surah Anfal. There are different Surah Anfal benefits.

Surah Araf Benefits

A'raf means high place. When talk about Surah Araf ki fazilat, there is information about A'raf in verse 46, a place between heaven and hell, which is very high. It is a reason that it is called Surah Araf. There are several Surah Araf benefits.

Surah Anam Benefits

Cattle are known as “Anam” in the Arabic language. According to the Surah Anam ki fazilat, verses 136 and 138 of this surah reject the polytheists who share idols in their cattle. They used to stay and consider some animals as halal for themselves and some animals as haraam for themselves. There are different Surah Anam benefits.

Surah Maidah Benefits

In the Arabic language, tablecloth is called “Maidah”. When talk about Surah Maidah ki Fazilat, in the verses 112 to 115, it is mentioned that the disciples of Hazrat Issa (Blessings Of Allah Be Upon Him) demanded food from the heaven. He (Blessings Of Allah Be Upon Him) prayed to Allah for it. It is a reason its name is Maidah and there are several Surah Maidah benefits.

Surah Nisa Benefits

In the Arabic language, Nisa means women. There are several Surah Nisa benefits for women as it has several rules and instructions related to their daily life matters. It is a reason that it is called Surah Nisa.

Surah Al Imran Benefits Or Fazilat

One of the meanings of Aal is descendants. In the fourth and fifth Ruku of Surah Al Imran , from verses 33 to 54, the biography of the family of Hazrat Imran (May Allah Be Pleased With Him) who was the father of Hazrat Maryam (May Allah Be Pleased With Her) and his virtues are mentioned. It is a reason that it is called Surah Al-Imran

Surah Baqara Benefits Or Fazilat

Baqara means cow in the Arabic language. In the eighth and ninth Ruku of Surah Baqara, verses from 67 to 73 narrate the story of a cow of the Children of Israel is narrated. It is the longest surah of the Holy Quran.

Surah Fatiha Benefits Or Fazilat

The Surah is also known as Ummul Quran or Ummul Kitab and is the main basis for salat (prayer). It begins from Alhamdulillah and also called Surah Al-Hamd due to this reason. Surah Fatiha is the mostly read Surah of the Holy Quran.

How to Convert to Islam?

To convert to Islam and become Muslim is so easy all you have to pronounce the Testimony of Faith 'Shahada', it’s like that I confirm “La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammad rasoolu Allah.”with sincere faith. Islam word means submission to the will of God.” The religion of Islam instructs that so as to accomplish genuine true serenity and surety of heart, one must submit to God and live as indicated by His Divinely uncovered Law.

What are the five pillars of Islam?

The structure of Islam is based on five pillars which are the basic foundation of Muslim's life and it is a mandatory duty to follow those basic pillars of Islam. These five pillars are

1. Shadah
2. Salat (Prayers)
3. Zakat (charity)
4. Hajj (pilgrimage)
5. Sawm (Fasting)

What is the names of 30 para of Quran list?

The Quran was divided into 30 para or Juz at the time of its compilation. The main purpose of dividing the Surahs of Quran in Juz or Para is to make it easy for people to memorize and read the Quran easily. The Juz is further divided into Hizb which are half of the length of Juz or para and there are 60 Hizb in Quran. The number of verses in each Juz is different.

What Last Surah in Quran Revealed?

Surah Al Nasr revealed was the last Surah in Quran. Al Nasr is 110th surah in the Quran has 3 verses, 80 letters and 19 words. It is in the para or juz 30 of the Quran. Surah Al Nasr is the Madni Surah because it was the last Surah revealed on Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) in Madina. It is also one of the shortest surahs of the Quran after Surah Al-Asr and Al Kwathar.

Which Surah is the Longest Surah in Quran?

Surah Al-Baqarah is the longest Surah in Quran consists of 286 verses, 40 rukus and 6201 words. Surah Al-Baqarah is in from 1 to 3 Para or juz of the Quran. There are 114 chapters in the Quran. Al Baqarah was the first to be revealed in Madina. Al- Baqarah means “the cow” or “the Heifer”.

Ayatul Kursi in Which Surah of Quran?

Ayatul Kursi the Verse of the throne is the 255th verse of Surah Al-Baqarah which clearly defines the Power, glory, and grandeur of Allah. Al-Baqarah is the second and largest chapter of the Quran consists of 286 verses.

Which Surah is the Shortest Surah in Quran?

The shortest Surah of the Quran is Surah Al-Kawthar which has 3 verses and 10 words. There are 114 chapters in the Quran out of which it is the Surah 108 in the Quran and was revealed on Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) in Makkah.

What is Surah Kahf Benefits and Importance?

Surah Kahf is the 18th chapter in Quran and in parah number 15, there are 110 verses in Surah Kahf. It's Makki Surah that tells us about the people who face hardship in society due to acceptance of truth and asks for Allah’s protection and he protects them in a cave by a metaphoric sleep rest for centuries

How Many Madani Surah in Quran?

There are 27 Madani Surah in Quran revealed on Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) after migration. Surah Al Baqarah is the longest Madani Surah in Quran which has 286 verses. Surahs that talk about Jihad and decrees about jihad are Madani Surahs. The surahs contain the issues of Sharia punishments or civil codes are also Madani Surahs.

How Many Makki Surah in Quran?

There are 87 Makki Surah which was revealed on the Last Prophet (P.B.U.H) before the migration. Makki Surah verses are mostly short in length. All Surahs containing the Sajda e tilawat are Makki surahs.

How Many Times Zakat is Mentioned in Quran?

Read how many times zakat is mentioned in Quran with information the word zakat mentioned in Quran and order for zakat came in Quran.

Do You know Quran Verses about Prayer (Salah & Namaz)?

The commands to offer Salah are 700 times mentioned in the Quran. The word Salah appears 67 times in the Quran. The Salah and Zakat 32 times come together in the Quran.

10 Jannati Sahaba Names (Ashra Mubashra)

Ashra Mubashra is the companions of Propet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) who got the news in their lives that they will be awarded Jannah. There are 10 sahabah who got the news of Jannah in their lives and known as Ashra Mubashra.

Which Sahabi Name written in Quran?

Zayd Bin Harith (R.A) is the sahabi name written in Al -AhZab the 33rd surah of Quran in verse number 37.

How Many Words in Quran?

Quran is a holy book of Islam and the words of Allah. There are a total number of 77797 words in Quran including 47638 words are in Makki Surahs and 30159 words are in Madni Surahs of Quran.

Total Number of Words and Characters in the Quran are as follows:

1. Total Number of Words in Quran: 77797 (seventy-seven thousand seven hundred ninety-seven)
2. Total Number of Unique Words: 14870 (fourteen thousand eight hundred seventy)
3. Common words in Quran: 400 (four hundred)
4. Madni Surahs of Quran words: 30159 (thirty thousand one hundred fifty-nine)
5. Makki Surahs of Quran words: 47638 (forty-seven thousand six hundred thirty-eight)
6. Total Number of Letters in Quran: 320015 letters (three hundred twenty thousand fifteen)

Prophet Names Mentioned in Quran?

According to Islam Prophets are those people who sent by Allah to spread faith on one God, tell His message to people and guide the common man about the righteous path. No one knows the exact numbers of the prophet have come in the world except Allah but according to some tradition, their number is mentioned as 1, 24,000.

How Many Ruku in Quran?

There are a total 558 rukus in 114 Surahs of the Quran. The division of ruku in Quran is not the part of the holy book at the time of revelation but introduces it later to ease completion of Quran on the 27th night of Ramadan.

How Many Verses in Quran

The total numbers of verses in Quran are 6666. But some scholars of Islam said that there are 6236 verses in the Quran because they divided the long verse as two or three verses, while some others count them as one complete verse. The most powerful verse of the Holy Quran is Ayat al Kursi which recitation confirmed the belief on the greatness of Allah.

How Many Surahs in Quran

There are 114 Surahs in the Quran which are further divided into two categories Makki Surahs and Madni Surahs in Quran. All Surahs of the Quran are not equal in length some are long and some are short which revealed on Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) at different times through angel Jibreel alaihissalam. The longest Surah of the Quran is Surah Al Baqarah which has 286 verses and the shortest Surah of Quran is Al-Kawthar with only 3 verses.

Benefits of Reading Surah Kahf on Friday

Reading Surah Kahf on Friday has some significant benefits. Some of these benifts are mentioned below.

1) Secure Against Dajal Fitna
2) Shine Light
3) Forgive Sins
4) Protect from Poverty

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