What Is Fitrah In Islam?

The meaning of Fitrah in Islamic terms is the charity in a specific which is in the month of Ramadan to the needy people. It has to be paid by the head of the family according to his affordability in a specified amount every year by the scholars of Islam. Muslims give Fitra before Eid to ensure that others around them are in the position to celebrate Eid with them. One cannot be happy celebrating while his neighbor goes hungry. We are commanded to care for those around us just like we care for our own families.

What Is Sadaqat Ul Fitr?

Sadqa means charity which has no specified amount. You may give away it on a daily, monthly or yearly basis. Sadqa has no limits confined. But sadaqat ul fitr is way more different than sadqa. Sadaqat ul Fitr is basically the specific amount referred to food which has to be paid before the commencement of Eid in the month of Ramadan. Sadaqaat ul fitr is given to the poor people to enable them to celebrate the festival of Eid. Sadaqaat ul fitr is given as a gesture of thanks to Allah for blessing us with the holy month Ramadan which is full of blessings. It is ideal to pay sadaqaat ul Fitr before the sighting of Eid moon.

What Is Eid Fitrana?

Eid is the propitious occasion of the year which is celebrated all over the world with zeal and zest. Muslims celebrate this auspicious festival as a gift from Allah after the month of fasting. Poor people also have a right in the celebration of the festival as they also want their children and family to celebrate just like other people. Fitrana is an amount which is given to the poor people before the commencement of Eid for letting them celebrate the festival with equal happiness. It is ideal to give Fitrah before the sighting of the moon so that the poor ones can prepare for the Eid as well. Since Fitrah is just a little amount of money and it isn’t enough to meet the needs of all the people that we may want to help, for this reason, people prefer to give their Zakat for the year during Ramadan too.

When Can You Pay Zakaat Al Fitr?

Zakat al Fitr goes hand in hand with Ramadan. It should be paid after the sighting of Shawwal moon and before the Eid prayer but it is best to pay Zakat al Fitr in the month of Ramadan. Zakat can be paid at any time of the year but Zakat al Fitr has to be paid at the end of the holy month of Ramadan which is obligatory. Muslims who possess an excessive amount of food or goods according to their needs has to pay the fitrana before the end of Ramadan. Zakat al Fitr is mandatory upon every adult Muslim and head of the family.

What Is Fitrana Amount?

Fitrana is a fixed amount related to food which has to be given according to the affordability. The term food refers to the staple of food which is wheat, barley, dates, raisins and millet etc. the amount is fixed and it is approximately 2.25 kg per head in a family. According to this amount, 2.25 kg of wheat flour costs 100 Rs.
For example: if you are a family of five then you have to give 2.5kgs x 5. You can give either a bag of this wheat or rice or you can give the equivalent amount of money. You can send Zakaat out of the city but you have to pay the fitrana within your city. The amount of fitrana told by the great scholar Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman is according to the market price of 2.25 kilograms of flour, the amount for ‘fitrana’ is calculated as Rs 100 per head. The faithful who want to pay ‘fitrana’ equal to the price of barley, dates, raisins and cheese should pay Rs400, Rs1,600, Rs1,920 and 2,940 per head, respectively.

Fitrana 2019 Pakistan?

Minimum Sadqa Fitr or Fitrana 2019 in Pakistan is Rs 100 per individual. Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman said that according to the price of 2.25 kg of flour, Fitrana 2019 is calculated as Rs 100. However, people who want to pay Fitrana equal to the price of barley, dates, raisins, and cheese should pay Rs 400, Rs 1,600, Rs 1,920 and Rs 2,940 per individual, respectively. A person, who possesses food in excess of his needs, must pay Sadaqa-e-Fitr before the Eid ul Fitr prayers. If the person is a bread winner, he should also pay Sadqa-e-Fitr for his dependants.

What Is Fitrana And Why Should You Give It?

Fitrana is also called as zakat al fitr and it is a compulsory charity given at the end of Ramadan. Muslims should give fitrana to thank that they completed the holy month of Ramadan. Fitrana is also given to make sure that the poor people can celebrate the festival of Eid at the end of Ramadan. Eid is the time of the year when every individual wants to celebrate and buy new things. So the fitrana is for the people who are suffering to make both ends meet. Fitrana is a blessing from Allah for the person which is why it should be given before the time of Eid. It is obligatory upon the head of the family according to his affordability. It is recommended that you go out and seek people who are in need of your charity. Find the people in your city who are needy and unable to have a happy Eid. This is recommended. According to the Muslim traditions (hadith), a needy relatives has more right over your Fitra, followed by your neighbour and then an educated one and then so on. The reason for this, is that Islam places special emphasis on family and community relations. We are asked to hold on to maintain family ties at all costs.

What Do You Mean By Fitrah?

The word “Fitrah” is an Arabic word which means “instinct, human nature, disposition or intuition”. If we talk about the meaning of Fitrah in general, we come to know that Fitrah means the “natural instinct of human nature to give” is called Fitrah. Muslims give away Fitrah to make sure that the other people around them are able to celebrate Eid happily with them. This charity has made obligatory in order to ensure that everyone should understand their responsibility towards the society. Muslims are commanded to care for the poor people as they care about their own family.

What Is Fitrah In Ramadan?

Ramadan is the auspicious time of the year when Muslims prefer and emphasis to charity and gives away the Zakat to the poor people. People share food, clothes and even other goods with the poor. But Fitrah is a different obligation other than Zakat commanded by Allah. Fitrah in Ramadan is the charity which is obligatory to give after the sighting of Eid ul Fitr moon. This charity is given by the head of the family on behalf of each family member. Fitra is obligatory on every family member even if a guest is here to celebrate Eid at your home, his or her Fitrah is obligatory upon you. The Fitrah in Ramadan has to be paid before the Eid namaz.