Best Islamic Places to Visit in Turkey

If you want to know about best Islamic places to visit in Turkey then just read this article.

Turkey has majority Muslims that’s why it is highly renowned for holy sites and scared places. Now let’s take a trip to some of the most beautiful holy sites in Turkey that will surely inspire you!

1.Sultan Ahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque)
This is one of the famous mosques of Turkey located in Istanbul and among the best Islamic places to visit in Turkey. It is commonly known as Blue Mosque because it is incorporated with blue colors all around the tiles.It was built in 1609 to 1616 by Sultan Ahmet I, near the Hagia Sophia, (one of the historical sites in Istanbul).
The mosque is very huge and decorated with attractive interior and exterior designing that will attract many people. It has also an eye-catching museum that is open in non-prayer timings. Today it caters 10,000 worshipers and preserved as one of the most sacred places in Turkey.

2.Suleiman Mosque
When talk about the best Islamic places to visit in Turkey, the Suleiman Mosque is regarded as one of the prettiest mosque located in Istanbul and built by Suleiman. The mosque was designed very pleasantly and simply but captures many hearts. The exterior was covered with fine tiles and interior is decorated with gems like windows, honeycomb painted corbels, a huge and airy prayer hall, colorful carpets and much more.
All and all the mosque provides a great pleasure and comfort to the people.

3.Selimiye Mosque
It is the next famous sacred place in Turkey and located in Konya. It was built by Sultan Selim II in 1568-157. It was incorporated with large dome and with all the religious facilitation. It is also decorated with impressive designing and structure.

4.Isabey Mosque
This is one of the magnificent and the oldest mosque of Turkey located in Selijuk and construed by Isa-Bey- Camii in 1374 to 1375. The mosque is beautifully constructed along with huge courtyard.

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