Hagia Sophia History, Key Facts, and Information

In Turkey, there are several historic places and Hagia Sophia is also among them. In this article, you will find key information about the Islamic mosque and its history.

Hagia Sophia History, Key Facts, and Information

Aya Sofya or Hagia Sophia means “Divine Wisdom”, was originally constructed as the Eastern Orthodox cathedral. Later, it was transformed into a mosque in year 1453 when Sultan Mehmed II conquered the city. It remained mosque until the year 1931 when it was transformed into a museum. Last year, it was reverted back into the mosque.

Key Facts and Hagia Sophia History

For nearly thousand years, Hagia Sophia was the biggest enclosed space in the world and believed as the engineering marvel. However, it is the third church with same name that is present on the site. In the year 1935, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk converted the building into a museum. However, he was considered as a founder of modern Turkey.

The carpets for prayer were eliminated and the plaster covering Christian time mosaics were cleared. Utilization of the perplexing as a worship place (either by Muslims or Christians) got precluded. Nonetheless, since 2006 the Turkish government has permitted the utilization of a little room inside the unpredictable as a spot for supplication for Muslim and Christian historical center staff. In July 2016, the adhan (call of petition) was communicated from its minarets during Ramadhan, the first run through the adhan was brought in quite a while.

Final Transformation of Hagia Sophia Back into a Mosque

In July 2020, President Erdogan reported that Hagia Sophia will be changed once more into a mosque. This was following a court deciding that discovered its change into an exhibition hall was unlawful as it disregarded the desire of its endower, Sultan Mehmet (Muhammad al-Fatih). At the point when Constantinople was vanquished, the Sultan compensated for the property with his own cash and the possession was given to Muslims as a lasting gift.

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