How Many Times Zakat is Mentioned in Quran?

Read how many times zakat is mentioned in Quran with information the word zakat mentioned in Quran and order for zakat came in Quran.

How Many Times Zakat is Mentioned in Quran?

Zakat is known as the third pillar of Islam and mandatory for all those Muslims who are wealthy enough. The word Zakat means “to purify” which consider as the tax of individual wealth or possession. The Zakat is to be paid at 2.5% of the wealth one owned above the Nisab. Giving Zakat is considered as a reminder to be thankful for all the blessings Allah has rewarded us, through helping those who are in need.

Who is eligible for Zakat according to Quran?

According to the Quran, Zakat can be given to 8 types of people who are:



The collectors of Zakat

To them whose hearts are to be encouraged


Those burdened with debt

In the cause of Allah (SWT)


How many times is the word Zakat appeared in the Quran?

The word Zakat is 32 times appeared in the Quran

How many times orders for Zakat came in Quran?

In the Quran, Allah gives the order to pay Zakat at 32 different places to those individuals who owned above the nisab

How many times the word Zakat come along with Salah in the Quran?

In more than 30 places in Quran, the word Zakat has come with Salah.

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Zakath and salath together is mentioned in Quran only 26 time

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