Islamic Places in Iran

If you want to know about the significant Islamic places in Iran then just read this article.

Iran is considered as one of the Islamic country. It has several religious and scared places; some of them are listed below.

1. Fatima Masumeh Shrine
It is one of the most famous Islamic places in Iran and located in Qom. This shrine is related to the Fatimah Masumeh, the daughter of Imam Musa Al Khadim. She was served as one of the most honorable saint of that time and she was buried here. Every year millions of Muslims from Shia community came to this place for Ziarat.

2. Imam Reza Shrine
This Shrine is considerably as the biggest and largest shrine as per the area wise. This mosque contains the tomb of Imam Reza, Holy Prophet (Peace Be upon Him) descendants. The structure of this shrien is decorated with various elements. However, it is not only a shrine but it has libray, musem prayers halls and other buildings. The place is regarded as the heart of the Iran and they pay their visits by each year even though non-Shias also visiting here for the purpose of exploring.

3. Shah Abdul Azim Shrine
It is suitaued in one of the city of Iran, Rey and here the mausoleum of Shah Abdul Azim. It is decorated with wood, mirrors, mosques and all the sides are craved with religious calligraphy. Every year many visitors come here for ziaratas it is among key Islamic places in Iran.

4. Imamzadeh Saleh
This shrine is located in Shemiran district of Tehran northern part. Imamzadeh Saleh is buried here. The main tomb is decorated with slivery wooden and detailed with various beautiful elements. This is also one of the most famous Islamic places for Iranian Shia Muslims.

5. Jamkaran Mosque
Among Islamic places in Iran, it is one of the common ziarat place for Shia Muslims and located in outside of Qom. Shia Muslims believe that Mahdi (A.S) has offered prayed in this mosque.

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