Namaz e Janaza Ki Dua

Here you can read the dua for Namaz-e-Janaza or Salat-ul-Janaza.

Namaz e Janaza ki dua has a great significance. In Islam, it is obligatory to offer Janazah Salat for the Muslim who is died. However, the prayer is different from a normal prayer as it does not contain Ruku or Sujood.

Another key thing about Namaz e Janaza is that it is regarded as Farz e Kifaya, if some people perform the prayer the obligation is accomplished. However, if no one perform the prayer, then all will be accountable for the negligence.

The Salat e Janazah dua is simple. Here you can check the Namaz e Janaza ki dua.

Namaz e Janaza Dua

Allah hummag fir le hayyena, wa mayyetena, wa shaaedena, wa gaaebena, wa sagheerena, wa kabirena ,wa zakarena ,wa unsana , Allah humma man aah yaiytahu , minna fa aah yehi alal Islam .Waman tawaf faiytahu minna fata waffahu alal Iman.

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