Namaz e Janaza Ki Dua

Here is Dua / Prayer of Namaz-e-Janaz that recites in the last takbeer of namaz-e-janaza when we perform during the funeral.

"O Allah (عَزَّوَجَلَّ)! Forgive all of our living ones and all the dead ones, and all those who are present and all those who are not present, and all our young ones and all our elderly ones, and all our men and all our women. Yā Allah (عَزَّوَجَلَّ)! Whomever you keep alive from among us, keep him alive in Islam, and whomever of us you make die, make him die with faith."
(Al-Mustadrak lil-Ḥākim, vol. 1, pp. 684, Ḥadīš 1366)

Namaz e Janaza Ki Dua

What is Dua of Namaz-e-Janaza?
Another key thing about Namaz e Janaza is that it is regarded as Farz e Kifaya, if some people perform the prayer the obligation is accomplished. However, if no one performs the prayer, then all will be accountable for the negligence.

The Salat e Janazah dua is simple. Here you can check the Namaz e Janaza ki dua.

Namaz e Janaza Dua - Arabic Roman
Allah hummag fir le hayyena, wa mayyetena, wa shaaedena, wa gaaebena, wa sagheerena, wa kabirena ,wa zakarena ,wa unsana , Allah humma man aah yaiytahu , minna fa aah yehi alal Islam .Waman tawaf faiytahu minna fata waffahu alal Iman.

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I didn't knew the Dua of Namaz e Janaza .. but when i visit here and check this . so i got it easily and and now i can learn easily

zain , Karachi Thu 27 Feb, 2020