Names of Five Prayers or Namaz

Names of all five prayers or Namaz are given below.

Islam has based upon five pillars and Namaz is one of them, it is considered as the second pillar and obligatory to every Muslim Ummah. Namaz is also called as Salah in Arabic language which means the direct communication with Almighty Allah.

Namaz or Prayer is very significant in the life of Muslims the importance can be easily seen in Quran as several verses and hadiths reflects the importance of Namaz. The Muslim will have to perform 5 times Namaz in a day as per the sequence. Its names are Fajr, Zuhar , Asar, Maghrib and Isha. Before every Namaz, Wazu or Ablution is mandatory and as per the Kibla direction. Each five prayers have their own kind of importance and meanings these are listed below.

1. Fajr
This is regarded as the first prayer from 5 prayers; it is performed before the arising of sun. It is consist of 4 rakats prayers and it has 2 Sunnat and 2 Farz. Namaz-e Fajr is regarded as the favorite Prayer of Allah as many verses from Holy Quran directed. The person who wake up early in the morning and perform Fajr, Allah will protect him throughout the whole day and at that time Allah will give Rizq. He will also save the person from hell and from evil.
Regardless of this, fajr prayer will enhance the beauty of a person and Allah will enlighten the face of a person from Noor. Several verses and hadith in Quran will give the virtues of Fajr prayers.

2. Zuhar
Zuhar Prayer is considered as the second pray and offering in noon time. This prayer has 4 Rakats of Sunnat, 4 Rakats Farz, 2 Rakats Sunnat and 2 Rakats Nafil. This prayer has its own importance like; a person who will offer Zuhar, Allah will shower countless bounties upon him/her and also save the person from the fire of hell. A person who will constantly offers Zuhar with pure heart will be healthy and free from all the diseases.

3. Asar
This is the third prayer and offers in the Afternoon and contains 4 Rakat Sunnat and 4 Rakat Farz. The person who offer this prayer will be save from hell fire at the time of Judgment and Allah will also increase the wealth of a person.

4. Maghrib
The fourth prayer is Maghrib and it is perform in the evening time. It is comprises on 3 Farz Rakat, 2 Sunnat and 2 Nafil Rakat. The maghrib prayer is also very significant for the Muslims as this prayer will fulfill all your Dua’s and give countless blessings.

5. Isha
This is the last prayer and performs in night it is consist of 4Sunnat , 4 Farz, 2 Sunnat, 2 Nafil, 3 Witar and 2 Nafil Rakat. If you offer this prayer Allah will give you peaceful sleep and shower his blessings upon you.

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