Rajab Fasting Date 2022

The holy month of Rajab is about to begin. In most countries, the Rajab fasting date 2022 will be from 3rd February with the beginning of the month, while in other countries there will be one day difference. Arab countries to observe Rajab fasting 2022 from 2nd February 2022.

Rajab Fasting Date 2022

In the Islamic calendar, Rajab is the seventh month that is also known as Rajab Al Morrajjab and Rajab Al Asab. Rajab fasting is not obligatory but there are high rewards for it. Several Ulemas have elaborated about the virtues associated with fasting in Rajab. This year, the month will start from February 3 in different countries. Rajab Fasting Date 2022 in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, and nearby areas will be from February 3 to March 4. However, it will be from February 2 to March 3 in Saudi Arabia, Canada, UAE, UK, USA, and other countries.

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Please could u tell me what l should read before opening and closed the rajab fasting because someone told me it is not the same dua we use in the ramdan fasting

  • Nhaida shamraiz , United Kingdom England
  • Sun 14 Feb, 2021