Rajab Ke Pehle Roze Ki Fazilat

Rajab is a sacred month and offering Salah and fasting in this month bring lots of blessings. Many people may want to know Rajab ke pehly roze ki Fazilat, so you can find what are the main rewards a person gets who fast on the 1st Rajab.

Rajab Ke Pehle Roze Ki Fazilat

Keeping a fast on any day for Almighty Allah is a good deed but keeping fast of 1st of the Rajab is indeed recommended by the Muslim scholar of every sect. Rajab ke pehly roze ki Fazilat among Muslims is quite high as it is one of the sacred Islamic months. Rajab is a great opportunity for those who seek forgiveness from Allah. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: Rajab is the month of forgiveness, so ask forgiveness from Allah. This month is also called Al-Asab in Islam, which refers to the flood of divine mercy.

According to some scholars, hadees regarding the Rajab fasting is authentic that narrates “Whoever fasted on the first day of Rajab, may Allah forgive us the sin of 60 years.”According to a narration in Nazhat al-Majalis, a man asked the Holy Prophet (sws) what he should do because he is very weak physically and cannot fast for the whole month of Rajab. In reply, the Holy Prophet (sws) said that if he fast on the last day of the 1st, 15th, and Rajab, then he will get the reward of the whole month.

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