Ramadan 2021 - When Ramadan 2021 Will Be Starting?

The month of Ramadan 2021 is expected to start from April 13 in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, and some other Asian countries. However, Ramadan 2021 is likely to begin on April 12 in the United Kingdom, USA, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and many of the Middle Eastern countries.

Ramadan 2021 - When Ramadan 2021 Will Be Starting?

The Islamic calendar is also based on 12 months as the Georgian calendar. However, Ramadan 2021 is the holiest month as it comes with several blessings and virtues. As the Islamic calendar is shorter than the Georgian calendar, so each year it observes the difference of 10 to 12 days. Fasting is the fourth main pillar of Islam and in Ramadan Muslims fast from pre-dawn till the sunset to please Allah.

Ramadan 2021 is coming in April, and the fasting duration will be over 14 hours in Pakistan. However, it will be higher or lower in other countries due to the difference in time zones. Usually, Argentina, South Africa, and Chile have the shortest fasting hours whereas; Russia, Iceland, and Alaska have the longest fasting hours.

The best thing about Ramadan 2021 is that the reward of any good deed is increased by 70 times. It is a reason that Muslims do special preparations in this month to earn the maximum reward. They visit mosques in large numbers for five-time prayers. On the other side, mosques make special arrangements for Tarawih prayers. However, the Tarawih prayer is also held in halls, auditoriums, and open spaces.

The trend of involvement in charity work is also increased in Ramadan 2021. A lot of people give Zakat (the yearly obligatory charity for Muslims) along with Nafil Sadaqah. They also offer food to travelers and other people during Sehri and Iftar. The women in households make special foods or dishes. The trend of shopping is also increased in Ramadan as people make preparations for Eid ul Fitr or Meethi Eid.

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