Ramadan 2022 - When Ramadan 2022 Will Be Starting?

Ramadan is the most blessed and most awaited month in Muslim countries. This year Ramadan 2022 is expected to begin from 2nd April 2022. Every Muslim celebrated this month with religious values and is eager to know when Ramadan will start. In Pakistan and other Asian neighboring countries, Ramadan 2022 will start from 2nd April, and in the Arab region, it is expected to begin from 1st April.

Ramadan 2022 - When Ramadan 2022 Will Be Starting?

As soon as Ramadan is approaching, Muslims around the world are preparing themself for It. It is a holy month in which people devote their time and energy to fasting and seeking forgiveness from Allah Almighty. Muslims in Pakistan and around the globe fast during the holy month of Ramadan. Ramadan Kareem is always the most awaited month in the Islamic year.

When Ramadan 2022 Will Be Starting?

This year Holy month of Ramadan 2022 is starting from 2nd April in Pakistan.

It is the 9th month of the lunar calendar that is celebrated worldwide due to its significance. Ramadan Kareem is the month of blessing, peace, love, and harmony. The first ten days are of mercy, the second ten is of forgiveness and the last ten is of liberation from hell. This is the month that helps us to develop sensitivity in ourselves regarding others' problems and develop a sense of helping others. Ramadan 2022 is expected to be the reason for enhancing our personality by following Islamic teachings.

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