Ramadan 3rd Ashra Dua

The third Ashra of Ramadan is known as the last Ashra of Salvation. During this period, Muslims seek Allah's protection from the punishment of Hellfire and strive to achieve salvation in the Hereafter. It is a time for introspection and repentance, and Muslims are encouraged to seek Allah's forgiveness through Dua.

Ramadan 3rd Ashra Dua

The Dua for the third Ashra of Ramadan is:

"Allahumma Ajirna Minan Nar"

This Dua means "O Allah, save us from the Fire."

It is a powerful supplication seeking Allah's protection from the torment of Hellfire. By reciting this Dua with a sincere heart, Muslims can seek Allah's mercy and protection from the eternal punishment of Hellfire.

The third Ashra of Ramadan is a time for Muslims to reflect on their actions and seek forgiveness for their sins. The focus during this period is on attaining salvation in the Hereafter by seeking Allah's mercy and forgiveness. Muslims are encouraged to engage in acts of worship, charity, and kindness during this period and recite the Dua for the third Ashra frequently.

Reciting this Dua is a powerful way to seek Allah's protection and forgiveness. It is recommended to recite this Dua after each prayer, before breaking the fast, and at any other time during the day when seeking protection and salvation.

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Reviews & Comments

This page provides information about the third Ashra of Ramadan and includes a dua that can be recited during this period. I found the page to be very helpful in understanding the importance of this period and the significance of the dua that is recommended to be recited during this time.

  • Erum , New York
  • Tue 11 Apr, 2023

Beautiful dua for 3rd ashra, thanks for sharing it. I suggest everyone to read this dua daily in last 10 days of Ramadan.

  • Imran , Karachi
  • Tue 11 Apr, 2023