Rulings for Eid Sermon

Ruling for Eid sermon is the same as Jummah sermon. The things that are considered Sunnah for Eid sermon same as Jummah sermon. But there is two difference in Ruling of Eid Sermon. On Eid, Imam will give two Eid sermons after Eid prayer. There is two eid that Muslims celebrate every year that is Eid ul-Fitr and Eid ul-Adha.

Rulings for Eid Sermon

According to Hanafi School, the acts that count as-Sunnah for Friday sermon are same as Eid sermon although the two difference between Eid sermon and Friday sermon is:
The first difference of Eid sermon is, on Eid sermon, it is considered as-Sunnah for Imam not to sit before the first sermon of Eid prayers.

The second difference of Eid sermon is that it is recognized as sunnah for Imam to read nine-time AllahuAkhbar before the first sermon, 7 times before the second sermon, and 14 times before coming down from the minbar.

Although saying this Takbirat in Friday sermon is not Sunnah and the acts that are count as makroh for Eid sermon also consider as Makroh for Friday sermons.
The above mention ruling for Eid sermon is explained from the reference mention in the book Durr-e-Mukhtar. Volume 03 and page 67.

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