What Is Fitrana Amount?

Fitrana is a fixed amount related to food which has to be given according to the affordability. The term food refers to the staple of food which is wheat, barley, dates, raisins and millet etc. the amount is fixed and it is approximately 2.25 kg per head in a family. According to this amount, 2.25 kg of wheat flour costs 100 Rs.
For example: if you are a family of five then you have to give 2.5kgs x 5. You can give either a bag of this wheat or rice or you can give the equivalent amount of money. You can send Zakaat out of the city but you have to pay the fitrana within your city. The amount of fitrana told by the great scholar Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman is according to the market price of 2.25 kilograms of flour, the amount for ‘fitrana’ is calculated as Rs 100 per head. The faithful who want to pay ‘fitrana’ equal to the price of barley, dates, raisins and cheese should pay Rs400, Rs1,600, Rs1,920 and 2,940 per head, respectively.

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What's fitrana amount 2020 in uae

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