What is Mid-Shaban or Bara'a Night? And when it observes?

Mid Shaban or Bara’a Night observed every year 15th night of the month of Shaban. Bara’a night is the famous as a night of forgiveness or night of Salvation and every Muslim performs extra nawafil prayers in the night of Mid- Shaban. It is famous as in the Bara’a night Allah decides the destiny of people for the upcoming year and also makes a decision on Mid-Shaban night that who is going to live or die in the upcoming year.

What is Mid-Shaban or Bara'a Night? And when it observes?

The Bara’a night is one of the blessed nights for Muslims as mentions in Hadith Narrated by Aisha (R.A). The Holy Prophet Peace be Upon Him said: “On the middle night of Shaban Allah most high come down to the lowest heaven and remits more sins than the hair of the goats of Banu Kalb.”-Tirmidhi

The Bara’a night is also known as Shab e Barat. It is considered as the night to ask for forgiveness from Almighty Allah and repenting in front of Allah for our sins. Last Prophet (S.A.W.W) gives the instruction that when the 15th night of Shaban arrives to spend the night awake and next day observe fast. In the Bara’a night, people perform special nawafil prayers, read Shab e Barat dua, repent from their sins, and ask Allah for forgiveness and next day they keep fast. Many people also visit graves of their loved ones and offer prayers on Bara’a night.

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