What is Vancouver Fasting Time in Ramadan 2020?

The Vancouver fasting time for 23 April 2020 is Sehri Time 04:37 AM and Iftar Time 8:09 PM on Islamic date 1 Ramadan 1441 as per Hanafi & Shafi. We all know the month of Ramadan is to earn good deeds and seek forgiveness. So Muslims also in Vancouver also follow the Islamic obligatory during the month of Ramadan as per Vancouver fasting time, so they earn deeds and get forgiveness from Allah. In the month of Ramadan 2020 in Vancouver, the expecting fasting hours are more than 15 hours as per Vancouver fasting time.

What is Vancouver Fasting Time in Ramadan 2020?

Vancouver is the city of Canada, where Muslims are more than 6% of the total population. The month of Ramadan in all about self-purification and religious devotion, so Muslims in Vancouver follow the same Islamic tradition to celebrate the sacredness of this holy month depends on Vancouver fasting time. So they also used the opportunity of Ramadan for self-examination and increased religious dedication. We know that Vancouver is not a city of any Islamic state, so working hours in the month of Ramadan remain similar, like other months. However, still, the Muslim community observes fast from dawn to dusk with the same dedication as other Muslims in a different part of the world as per Vancouver fasting time. They arrange Iftar get-togethers in Mosques and Islamic Center on the weekend depend on Vancouver fasting time so it can help to increase brotherhood and understanding among them. They organize congregational prayer, charity events, and Quran recitation sessions in mosques and Islamic Centers. At the end of Ramadan, they rejoice the festivity of Eid-ul-Fitr.

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