Best Cities For Halal Food?

Here are some best cities where you can easily buy halal food.

Oslo, Norway
Oslo has a Muslim community, so finding a halal food is not a problem there. lett and mett, saray restaurant, Istanbul kebab and Bakeri are few restaurants to visit.

Taipei, Taiwan
It has a variety of restaurants that are halal. Kunming Islamic Restaurant,Mayurs Indian kitchen, Smoothie house are some of those.

Malta, Europe
Millennium kebab, Oz Sofra kebab, Ali Baba and Golden tulip Vivaldi is where only lamb is halal.

Himalayas Kashmir where Pakistani and Indian food is served, chicken hut, termini halal food.

Paris, France
Le taj mahal, sahil, le snack time are few halal restaurants are in Paris.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam has bazaar Amsterdam,meram,Eethuis Albela halal food points.

Berlin, Germany
Zam zam,Restaurant hafiz,vapiano,Adonis limbiss are in halal restaurant list.

Barcelona, Spain
Local Halal food outlets near hotels in Barcelona are many. Pita house, Lal Qila Barcelona, kapadokya are few of the restaurants having halal food.

Veinna, Austria
Kent Restaurants,Nirvana,Turkis city and Quicky’s Burger are halal food spot there.

Zurich, Switzerland
There are over 20 halal restaurants in the city, some of them are Food of Punjab, Lebanese take away and Curry Queen takeaway.

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