Famous Islamic Places In Spain

Spain holds a significance value due its long Islamic history and cultural heritage. Here is the information regarding main Islamic places in Spain.

The Muslim rulers left in Spain a vast architectural and monumental heritages, which shown the artistic sophistication through their development. There are many palaces mosques and fortresses of the amazing time presenting the history, some of them are still the most visited place for the tourists. It shows the significances of that era that how the culture, science, agriculture and development has been made an example today. The places that still show the effectiveness of an Islamic era are:

The Alhambra
The Generalife
Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba
Medina Azahara
The Aljafería Palace
The Giralda
Torre del Oro
Alcazaba of Málaga
Mosque of Cristo de la Luz
Gormaz Castle

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