Famous Shrines In Lahore?

Lahore is known for the city of Saints as many of them migrate and found their internal serenity in the city. The most famous shrines in Lahore are:

Bibi Pak Daman
The shrine is located in old Lahore of the most prestigious personality. It holds the graves of 6 ladies from Hazrat Mohammad (A.S) house hold. People visit their shine with all the eternity respect and believe.

Data Darbar
It is the largest shrine in South Asia and situated in Lahore, and is considered the holy place in Lahore.

Shrine of Shah Jamal
This place has observed that pilgrims gathered here on every Thursday and Friday from many years.

Pir Bahauddin Jhulan Shah
He became one of the most influenced spiritual leader of his time, was a Sufi saint and poet.

Zanjani Sahib Shrine
He was a famous Sufi saint and his tomb is in Chah Minar, Lahore.

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