Famous Shrines In Pakistan

Pakistan has numerous of shines that refers to shelter for of pilgrims. The most of the shrines of the saints are where these saints found their meaning in spirituality. Few most the shrines in Pakistan are:

Shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi, Karachi
The shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi is situated in Clifton, Karachi. He was known for his commanding public speaking skills, inspiring build and good-nature, manner.

Shrine of Sachal Sarmast, Khairpur
He was a Sufi poet from Sindh and wrote poetries in 7 languages, most of them were in Sindhi language.

Shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar , Sehwan Sharif
He was a scholar, religious poet and a sufi saint. He use to preach Islamic faith to the followers and was respected by both Muslims and Hindus.

Shrine of Khuwaja Ghulam Farid, Rajanpur
He grew up in becoming a scholar and writer. He was familiar with many languages including Persian, Arabic, Sindhi, Urdu and Punjabi and also wrote poetry in these languages.

Shrine of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, Matiari
The shrine is considered as most visited for the pilgrims, annually a festival of his urs audiences are almost 400,000.

Pir Mangho, Karachi
The title of Pir mangho was given him by Baba Farid, whose disciple he became. His urs is celebrated in the month of zilhaj and the many of the pilgrims are observed there.

Fariduddin Ganjshakar, Pakpattan
Known as Baba Farid, he was a great Sufi master and was highly respected by both Hindus and Muslims of the Punjab region.

Sayyid Mohammad Al-Makki, Sukkur
Known as “Sher Sawar” he was the first one to migrate from Middle East region to Sindh. He was the Saint and the warrior who fought against Yemen rulers.

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