World Countries With Muslim Population

World’s total population now crossed over 7 billion. However, Islam is the second biggest religion. In this article you will get information about World’s countries with the highest Muslim population.

Islam is world’s second largest religion consists of almost 1.8 billion people with population in different countries or regions.

Consisting of 270,804,186 Muslims Indonesia is the largest Muslim populated country.

216,823,642 Muslims are in Pakistan which holds the record of second largest Muslim populated country in the world.

38,096,336 is the Muslim population Afghanistan consists of.

Saudi Arabia:
Saudi Arabia is the most visited country by the Muslims; the country also consists of 34,304,234 Muslims.

83,491,303 Muslims live in Turkey.

163,146,019 have huge population as it is bordering Burma, India, Nepal and Bhutan.

Around 82,978,454 is the total Muslim population of Iran.

The total Muslim populace in Malaysia is 31,974,747.

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