Surah Fatiha

Read Surah Fatiha or Listen Audio Sura Fatiha - It is the 1 Surah in the Quran with 6 verses, you can read full Surah Fatiha online. The surah's position in the Quran in Juz 1 and it is called Makki sura.

Para: 1 | Voice: Abd-ur Rahman As-Sudais & Su'ood As-Shuraim

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Surah Fatiha

This surah is 1st Chapter of the Holy Quran consist of 6 verses. This Surah gives us the guideline about prayers and mercy of ALLAH SUBHANAHU’WA’TALA. Surah Fatiha is very essential for recitation that’s why ALLAH made it a part of Namaz.

However, sometimes we are unable to read the Quran, like when we are in traveling it is very much difficult to carrying a Quran. In this way, people will be looking for online sources so that they can read the Quran or desire Surah on their electronic devices.

So, if you are still searching out an authentic and reliable website where you can read/listen Surah Fatiha or even a whole Quran you may simply access and facilitate your need.

This web page also provides Surah Fatiha with English translation and Urdu translation. In this regard, if you want translation the page has the capability to translate the whole Surah into your desired language. At the same time, you can listen and recite Surah Fatiha in your mobile phones, PC, laptops, or tablets.

Besides that, you may also download MP3 audio version of Surah Fatiha into your desire language which is available in profound voices of Ullema. You will also get perfect and complete Tafseer of Surah.

Surah Fatiha Surah Number?
It is the 1 Surah of the Quran.

How many Verses of Surah Fatiha?
There are a total of 6 verses of Surah.

In Which Para is Surah Fatiha?
Surah Fatiha is in 1 Para of the Quran.

It is Makki or Madani Surah?
Surah Fatiha is a Makki sura.

Juz Number of Surah Fatiha?
The position of surah's in Juz 1 in the Quran.

Reviews & Comments

Excellent web page

  • M.waqas, Rawalpindi
  • Sat 02 Apr, 2022

Because it contains a treatment for the disease, this surah is known as As-Shifa.

  • Zia, Rawalpindi
  • Thu 25 Nov, 2021

Believers find inner peace and solace by remembering Allah. Reading the Quran is the best way to remember.

  • Samad, Kumrat
  • Wed 10 Nov, 2021

It is said that a person was once bitten by a snake. I am sure you are all aware that a snake is a poisonous animal and its sting is extremely dangerous. The recitation of Surah Fatiha was used to treat that person who had been stung by a snake, and he was cured.

  • Faizan, Kamil
  • Thu 21 Oct, 2021

As its first verse is nearer to ismi azam (the great name of Allah) than the white from the pupil of the eye; there is praise of Allah in the beginning, tawhid (oneness) in the middle and prayer in the end; no salat is valid without its recitation; it is superior than all the treasures stored in the arsh, (Shaytan runs away whenever it is recited

  • Najam, Sahiwal
  • Wed 06 Oct, 2021