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 اپنے احساس سے چھو کر مجھے صندل کر دو

It is very deep lines, Wasi Shah is the legendary poets. His every poetry is easily understood

By: Rafay, Islamabad on Jan, 20 2021

 سے روزے سے نفل نمازاں ، سے سجدے کر کر تھکّے ہو

"From fasting to supererogatory prayers, from prostration to being tired
Hajj to Mecca is not a race of the heart"
These lines is a best of our Muslims, heart touching poetry. Sultan Bahoo Poetry is best ever

By: Nasir Gujjar, Multan on Jan, 20 2021

 تیری ہر بات محبت میں گوارا کر کے

Rahat Indori poetry was a bit different, when he came to a program, I must have seen it. My favorite poets were. And it was very sad when he passed away.... We will miss you always

By: Jibran, Mumbai on Jan, 20 2021

 اپنی ہی صدا سنوں کہاں تک

Lovely Shayari of Parveen Shakir, She is one of the most popular poets of Pakistan.. Proud of Parveen Shakir's Poetry

By: Jamila, Karachi on Jan, 20 2021

 ہستی اپنی حباب کی سی ہے

Mir Taqi Mir's poetry has been read a lot in the tenth class, at that time we did not realize how great Mir Taqi Mir poets are. Now find out how great his poet are. Now Mir Taqi Mir is my favorite poet

By: Waqas, Islamabad on Jan, 20 2021