Oblivous Muslims

(Muhammad Kamal Abid, islamabad)

Muslims are the most blessed by the God and they are the one who are going to heaven. But do we deserve this? This question has been hitting my mind for a long time. In many instances I have observed something that really hurts me. I have observed that we do not even qualify as the last level of a true Muslim. We are fully aware but are not educating ourselves and our juniors well. A common act that restrains us from becoming a true Muslim is telling lies. Yes, lies. What I have observed that in this era people have adopted quite a bad deed and it is the one that keeps us from becoming a Muslim. It is that each individual has shaped Islam according to his contentment. Yes, exactly. They have mended their religion however they like. It is a dreadful deed exactly as it sounds. Youth of this generation which, unfortunately, includes my friends and relatives as well are prey to this sin and who knows that I, too, may be a victim. Confused? So was I. Let me explain. This act includes people shaping Islam in such a way that they consider all the wrong deeds right as long as it’s beneficial for them. For example, if one man stops another from stealing with the help of Shariat and Quran; the other will create new verses according to which stealing under some circumstances is acceptale. It’s horrible. I know it is. But we all do know that even you may have done this sometime, some part of your life. This is none less than kufr or shirk(disbelief). We all have often observed such incidents. This act can lead us all to hell. Sadly, our youth is misguided and misinformed. We have lost our knowledge and weakened out our faith. It would be unfair if we only blame our teaching and guiding. Its real reason is that we have produced a great amount of love for this world. We are so mistaken that we even adopt forbidden ways to enhance our life of this world and thus, simultaneously, have forgotten our religion. But this can easily be stopped. It is never too late for anything. We can still improve our lives according to Islam. I know my words may not be able to change it but I believe that it can bring some awareness and hope. We need to stop thinking only about ourselves but in terms of Muslim and in terms of a single nation. I hope my words could bring a change and this hope could get us our real lives back because hope is what keeps the world running and alive! [working to change the world]

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