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The Portuguese forward the legend of the game and the five times BallonD’or award winner Cristiano Ronaldo, after spending nine glittering seasons with Real Madrid, lifted four champions league trophy for the club and scoring goals with an average of 55 goals per season after having a complicated relationship with the club president Florentino Perez he was compelled to leave the club.

The background of the dispute is that a year ago, the club president Mr Perez said that he would increase the Ronaldo’s wage. At the same time, the players of his calibre Lionel Messi got a new a contract of €41m net per year,Neymar is earning €35m net per year, and he is only earning €21m net per year despite being the BallonD’or award winner for the consecutive three years. The relationship between the both parties becoming critical day by day and after all these conflicts, he decided to leave the club and the club president didn’t force him to stay and shows that Ronaldo wants to leave, that’s why he is leaving. After all these speculations, Cristiano Ronaldo joins Juventus with the transfer fee of €100m.This was not only the lost to the club, but also the club manager, the world cup winner for France, Mr Zinedine Zidane who put the team to win back to back the champions league consecutively for the club for three years had also left the club, before the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo.

An individual player can play a vital role in making a club bigger, but a player can be bigger than the club. Cristiano Ronaldo was that individual for Real Madrid. Now, since the departure of both the manager and forward (who used to be the key player for the success of Real Madrid for the last 5 years), Real Madrid is facing a huge crisis. Cristiano Ronaldo scored 450 goals in 438 appearance for Real Madrid and after Ronaldo’s departure a huge void of scoring goals is created for Real Madrid. Beside Ronaldo’s departure, Real Madrid still have a squad of world class players to continue the Legacy of the legendry club, but they will still can’t ignore the absence of a player who scores goals with an average of 50+ goals per season.

Real Madrid is trying to fill the void by promoting the young talent and focusing on bringing the youth like Marco Assensio and Vinicius Jr and trying to build a team that can bring success by working collectively, but they are unable to fill the void yet. That’s why, they are not even in the top 3 in the league table (LaLiga) after playing 9 games in the league. It won’t be easy for Real Madrid to compete without Ronaldo especially in the short term, considering that Ronaldo is not only a goal scoring machine and the most decisive player but also was the most marketable asset to help Real Madrid financially.

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